what does share focus status mean

what does share focus status mean

“Share Focus Status’ alerts users that you’re in Focus. You can inform people that you’re in Focus mode by using sharing features. If this feature is enabled compatible apps will be able to detect whether you’re in Focus and will alert anyone trying to message you.

There’s also an option to choose Focus Status. Focus Status Focus Status is a tiny reminder sent to anyone who messages you when you’re in Focus and also gives users the option of pushing beyond your filter and contact that you’re in Focus. Switch off this feature if you need to ensure that those you’ve excluded from your list can’t message you.


How To ‘Share Focus Status’ And Why IPhone Users Should Do It

To access Focus and the additional features, ensure your iOS device is up-to the latest version. Each Focus mode has an individual setting that lets users communicate the Focus status. To enable the Share Status option on your iPhone:

  1. Visit the Settings and then tap “Focus” (half-moon symbol).
  2. Select the Focus mode, then tap the ‘Focus Status’.
  3. Turn the Share Focus Status’ feature on.

Turning this feature on will create a banner that contacts can view every moment that Focus mode is turned on manually or automatically.

iPhone users who frequently switch between various Focus modes ought to consider activating the feature for each one. It encourages transparency and appropriate behavior in communication, much the same way that an away status message might be for desktop messaging or chat apps. In any moment, iPhone apps cannot determine what Focus mode is active and therefore, contacts won’t be aware of what the user is working doing.

As the feature was introduced in iOS 15 and is fairly new, not many third-party applications will feature the full Focus status capabilities.

At present, Apple users should expect the “Share Focus Status” feature to only be able to affect messages sent through the iPhone’s built-in messaging application.

Be aware that although sharing the Focus status is acceptable, enabling this feature also allows users to mark the message as time-sensitive, and, ultimately, get over the obstacle Focus placed on messages from the beginning.

There’s no way to ensure these messages will be worth the inconvenience. For those having issues with contacts who frequently abuse the Focus status feature, there’s a way to turn it off for certain individuals, provided they’re iPhone users.

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Open the Messages application and then open chat with your person that you want to talk to. Click on their profile image at the top of the iPhone screen. Then, switch the “Share Focus Status” switch off.

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