What does Robustness do in Elden Ring?

What does Robustness do in Elden Ring

Robustness is just one factor that determines how the player is constructed in Elden Ring. It is a defensive attribute that helps to prevent frostbite and hemorrhage.

The greater the Robustness, the greater resistance an athlete will encounter.

EnduranceEndurance controls Robustness. Armour and shields are equipped with an amount of Robustness which is later increased.

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Effects of Robustness in Elden Ring

Endurance is one of the major attributes of Elden Ring and is, in contrast, Robustness, which is just a known statistic.

Endurance can be upgraded by using Runes at a Site of Grace. It’s mostly used to boost stamina and also allows players to boost their Equip Level. Beyond that, EnduranceEndurance directly influences a player’s strength.

Robustness helps prevent players from succumbing to frostbite or hemorrhage, which are both status effects which can cause harm to the player. These are the effects they have:

  • Hemorrhage, also known as Bleed, builds by continually applying the effects. The haemorrhage spreads slowly and results in a significant amount of damage that is equal to a certain percentage of the maximum HP of the target at the point that the threshold is attained.
  • Frostbite: Frostbite also builds over time through repeated use of the effects. When the threshold is met to be considered a victim, the victim loses some of their HP and stamina and damage absorbency decrease by 20% over the course.

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What does Robustness do in Elden Ring

Robustness causes the build-up until the point of thresholds to become less. If a certain amount of points is added, this may stop the effects from accumulating completely. It is again accomplished by Endurance.

Armaments are designed with predetermined strength, and endurance points can boost their strength.

Here are a few things to help players reach Robustness to the highest level in the Elden Ring:

  • General Radahn Set and Lionel’s Set are armour sets with the highest Robustness score of any set in the game.
  • A Mottled Necklace can be a powerful talisman which enhances Immunity, Robustness,
  • and Focus.
  • Stalwart Horn Charm is a powerful talisman that can greatly increase Robustness.

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