What Does “LLS” Mean on Facebook?

What does "LLS" Mean on Facebook?

If someone said, “Social media with slang can be 1,000 times more enjoyable than those without other languages,” what do you think you would say?

If we had to answer this question, we’d be 100% in agreement with this assertion. Slang develops with the advent of social media, and abbreviations are now a part of the digital world.

If you’re seeking the answer to the question about what “LLS” refers to on Facebook, do not look further, as you’re in the right spot. “LLS” can be an abbreviation for “Laughing like a s**t,” used by users on Facebook and other platforms often used to talk with friends.

In this post, we’d love to discuss the meaning of “LLS” for Facebook, its meaning, and the best way to properly utilize this slang in social media. Without further delay, we’ll begin the show going!

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What is “LLS” mean on Facebook

You’ve probably heard Facebook is a fantastic social network that lets users communicate with world users for as long as they are connected to internet access. Besides, Facebook has its name on the scorecard due to various features, including entertainment, education, marketing, and so on.

In its quest to eradicate the stigma of shyness among users, Facebook puts dedicated effort into improving its messaging capabilities. This is why many Internet languages are seen on Facebook before being widely utilized on other platforms such as “LLS.”

“LLS” can be an abbreviation of the expression “Laughing like a s**t.” Simply speaking, it’s a way to convey that you’re laughing at something interesting. “LLS” can speed up your typing and is a breeze.

Thus, “LLS” is not a slur, so you can use it to text your friends on Facebook. We don’t believe it’s a good idea when texting strangers or someone you’re not close to. If others deliberately write this slang, even if you’re not close, the odds are it’s an indication of shame.

Apart from Facebook, there’s no limit to the places you can put “LLS.” You can use “Laughing at the Sh*t” across other platforms. Also, If you know that your friends are interested in its meaning, share this article with them. We’d love it greatly!

In the next section, we’ll discover if there’s any other term similar to “LLS” that you could employ in conjunction. Continue studying!

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“LLS” is the Synonym for “LLS”

Alongside “Laughing Like Sh*t,” you can also type “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) since they both have the same meaning and may be used in the same context. It displays your reactions to something funny, which makes you laugh. Other listeners can feel the joy in your voice.

You could also try alternative phrases to substitute “LLS” to avoid getting tired of “LOL”:

  • Chuckle and the chortle
  • Snicker and Snort (more suitable in situations in which someone is ridiculed for being absurd)
  • Cackle
  • Cachinnate
  • Crack open

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How to Utilize “LLS” in Text Messages

In this segment, we’ll explain how people who use social media utilize “LLS” for chatting with their buddies.

  • A: “Well, this is the third time that I’ve lost my passport, and I’m not able to catch the flight to Sydney.”
  • B: “Again? It’s hilarious, LLS!”
  • A: “Stop. I’m so sad. I must wait for more than a day before we see each other again.”

A second illustration.

  • A: “Let me tell you this. Yesterday my daughter Sophia declared that she loved Peter so that she was in love with him at her class’s birthday party. She was just five years old, and everyone in the class was jolly. I even got this footage .”
  • B: “LLS!”
  • A: “It’s funny, isn’t it? My husband has the exact reaction you do. She’s so adorable !”

Below are two instances of “LLS” in text messages. As you can observe, “LLS” is not negative slang and can be used in various instances.

Final Words

Yayyy! We hope this article can help you understand the meaning of “LLS” and its use on Facebook and other platforms. Remember that we provide the most recent information on social media that will help users in many ways. Stay tuned for more!

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