What Does It Mean When You Flag Someone on Instagram?

What Does It Mean When You Flag Someone on Instagram

Every year each year, the Instagram app gets more appealing to users. With all the new features, it is difficult to keep up with the latest features and updates for Instagram.

We’re talking about”flag” feature “flag” feature that confused certain Instagram users. What exactly does it mean when you mark an individual on Instagram? Is flagging a post exactly the same as flagging an email?

The act of flagging on Instagram, similar to other online communities, is a way of reporting inappropriate content. It’s a popular term for all platforms of social media.

But, in the past, Instagram had the feature to flag chats that were important to be accessible from the direct message section. They usually refer to this when they talk about the flagging feature on Instagram. Unfortunately, this feature is not available any more on Instagram.

There are many questions regarding the flagging feature that is available on Instagram. We’re here to answer your questions and clarify any doubts you might have.

What Was “Flagged” on Instagram DM?

Do you remember the feature that lets you highlight messages from someone you consider important? Flagging was the name that was used for a similar feature! There was a brand new icon for it. However, the purpose of staring or flagging was the same.

Instagram often displayed users the same message to users at the time they introduced flags. The message was clear that flags would replace stars.

Unfortunately, Instagram has completely removed that feature for personal accounts. However, business accounts can organize their direct messages among general and primary tabs.

How Could I Flag a Chat on Instagram?

You can block private messages to Instagram by following these steps:

  1. Install an account on the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Left-flick across the display, or tap the DM Icon in the top right corner.
  3. Go to the chat you want to flag.
  4. Click on the symbol for the flag located in the upper right corner.

Your Flagged messages can remove the specific chat you wish to keep for later reference.

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What Did It Mean When You Flag Someone on Instagram?

If you have marked a person’s messages on your Instagram with the word “flagged,” they become important messages. It is possible to receive additional messages from chats.

Therefore, if you were to refer to a chat, later on, you can flag the chat and return to view their chats.

Instead of spending time searching, search for the flagged chats and discover the information you’ve been searching for. The Instagram developers believed that “flagging” was the best name to describe this function.

This is why we used “Flags” rather than “Stars for a while.

How Could I Find Flagged Messages on Instagram?

Finding flagged posts on Instagram was as easy as flagging these messages. All you need just to follow the steps below:

  1. Start Instagram. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone.
  2. Scroll left across the display, or press the DM Icon at the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the icon for filtering located on the right of the bar. A dropdown will appear.
  4. Select”Flagged” to open the ” Flagged” option. Your inbox will display only the flagged messages.

What Did the Orange Flag on Instagram Mean?

Direct messages displayed flag icons right after the chats were marked as flagged. An orange triangle was visible in the right-hand corner of the chat.

The chat was considered to be significant if you noticed the orange flag in one of your Instagram chats. If the person contacted your account shortly, you’d be alerted.

What is the difference between flagging an email and flagging Posts?

Many people ask what it is that you do when you mark someone on Instagram, and there are two options (well, there’s just one).

The initial meaning is deprecated and is not the most popular explanation when discussing being flagged on Instagram.

The term “flagging” used to be the word employed by Instagram to mark chats as vital. If users wanted to track the details of conversations to be able to refer back to them later or for use to remember them later, they could mark them as flagged.

A flag of orange would show in the chat, and it will notify the user when there’s an event in the chat.

The second meaning, however, is a popular interpretation of the word”flag” within numerous online communities. In this case, “flag” means reporting something on Instagram.

Online users employ”flags” to describe “flags” to report inappropriate social media actions. Instagram users also utilize the same term to report inappropriate posts. “flagging a post” to report inappropriate posts.

There is no similarity between the different meanings mentioned in the previous paragraphs.


We hope your confusion over what you mean when you mark an individual on Instagram is clarified.

This article explained the usage of flags to send specific messages on Instagram and how it’s not as simple as flagging or suing someone for inappropriate posts.

Here’s hoping that all your questions on flagging on Instagram are addressed. Unfortunately, the flagging of the chars feature is no anymore available on Instagram.

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