What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

What does Focus do in Elden Ring? Let’s find the answer! The defensive stat Focus increases your resistance to sleep and madness. This guide explains how to use this stat.

The most important aspect of being a good player is mastering Elden Ring’s fighting skills. Knowing when to attack and defend is crucial to winning a fight is crucial. There are also subordinates. These subordinates will help you achieve your distant dream of becoming Elden King.

Elden Ring gives you a mix of stats and attributes that can make your character stronger or weaker depending on your use. The “Focus” stat is our topic. What is its purpose? What are its effects of it? What can you do to increase it? Continue reading.

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What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s defensive stat, Focus, increases your character’s resistance to sleep and madness attacks. You will encounter many enemies and bosses while playing Elden Ring. Many will try to drive you insane and put you to bed. Your resistance to these attacks will increase if you focus more.

Only a few enemies can inflict this level of damage in Elden Ring. It is important to be able to resist these attacks. When facing these enemies, Focus can be a great weapon.

How to Upgrade Focus in Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers 8 attributes you can add points to improve your character’s strength. You can increase your Focus by adding points to the Mind attribute. Your resistance to madness and sleep will be higher if your mind attribute is higher.

You can also get equipment to increase your Focus and the mind attribute. You can increase your Focus by using the shield of the guilty, mottled necklace, and clarifying horn charm.

Your focus levels can be affected by the armor you wear. The highest concentration values in Elden Ring are found in armors such as Great hood, Fire Prelate Gauntlets, and Corbyn’s Robe. These armors are great for bosses who try to tamper with your sanity.

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Is it worth upgrading your Focus in Elden Ring?

You don’t have to invest points in the Mind attribute to improve your Focus. You won’t be able to use a fully enhanced focus if your enemies don’t sleep or attack you with madness.

You can also equip an armor set to boost your Focus during boss attacks. This is the best way to increase your Focus. It is possible to put your points into something else.

As we have seen, only a handful of enemies can use sleep and madness attacks. Madness is a different kind of madness. Your character can become insane by some invocations from Elden Ring. Focusing on the task at hand can make it easier to deal with these invocations.

Like every stat in the game, the Focus has its upsides if used correctly. The game allows you to have complete control over how you play and manage your stats. Depending on the situation, it may be beneficial to increase your Focus.

To increase your resistance to sleep-related madness and other symptoms, we recommend that you use the right armor at just the right moment. This is the best way to increase this stat, as you can invest your points into an attribute that benefits your play style.


We hope you found this guide helpful in learning more about Focus in Elden Ring. Although it is useful, its applications are very few. You can manage it however you like. Elden Ring can sometimes be difficult to handle, so be ready for anything.

What other stats do you enjoy putting points into? Leave a comment below.

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