What does Dexterity do in Elden Rings?

What does Dexterity do in Elden Rings?

Elden Ring has a lot of role-playing elements. This includes classes, tons of gear, and unique character attributes that maximize.

Dexterity is one of the most important attributes in Elden Ring. It is also an important stat in all Souls games. Look at the attributes required when you are trying to find a weapon.

More often than not, Dexterity is a requirement to use the weapons or builds you are considering.

What does Dexterity do within Elden Ring? What is the maximum level it can be used for? Let’s find the answer.

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What is Dexterity within Elden Ring?

The main attribute of Elden Ring is Dexterity. It is required for certain weapons (armaments). You can use weapons only with a certain amount of Dexterity, but you get additional scaling boosts if you have higher levels.

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Dexterity, in addition to reducing the casting time for specific Spells and reducing fall damage, makes it harder for enemies to knock your horse off its mount.

For weapons that require Dexterity, there is a minimum requirement of 12 Dexterity. You will need more points to equip more advanced weapons.

You will also need Strength, Faith and Arcane points along with Dexterity to use certain weapons or spells.

What does Dexterity do in Elden Rings?

You can check the scaling of any weapon with Dexterity as a requirement. A weapon with a Dexterity Scaling of S will have higher Dexterity points.

As we have briefly stated, high Dexterity, combined with compatible gear, can boost your attack and decrease the chance of your character being knocked down. It also reduces the time it takes to cast spells.

You will also learn about other bonuses throughout the game, such as reduced fall injury.

The Max Cap for Dexterity stat is in Elden Ring

Level 99 is the Hard Cap for Dexterity within Elden Ring.

The level 20 Soft Cap is the first, 55 and 80 Soft Caps respectively.

It is not necessary to reach level 99. In most cases, 55-60 is sufficient. This is true even if your build is high in Dexterity. You will need to have even lower Dexterity. If you don’t, you should add more points to the stats that you require more.

If your build is more specific than spellcasting, you might choose to have Faith and Intelligence.

Items that increase the Dexterity of Elden Ring

Some Elden Ring items increase Dexterity. Here’s a list:

  • Millicent’s Prosthesis (+5)
  • Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom (+5)
  • Godrick’s Great Rune (+5 during its current effect)
  • Flask of Wondrous Physick – Dexterity-knot crystal Tear (+10 during effect)
  • Okina Mask (+3)
  • Radagon’s Scarseal (+3)/ Radagon’s Soreseal ( (+5)
  • Consort’s mask (+1).

This is all you need to know about Elden Ring’s Dexterity stats.

We hope you found this guide useful and that you are now on your way to making the most of the Dexterity attribute!

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