What does Arm Gesture on TikTok App Mean?

What does Arm Gesture on TikTok App Mean?

Just when you think that you’ve been up to date with the most recent TikTok developments, something new and even more fascinating comes up, and you’re left with a new set of questions.

TikTok is famous for its mysterious trends going to the forefront every couple of months. The most recent trend that has us thinking could be the TikTok hand gesture! What arm gesture is being used on TikTok, and what exactly is it?

Quick AnswerArms on TikTok is the moment when TikTokers end the film by doing two finger presses against their arm as if they are monitoring their pulse. It doesn’t make sense to the average person; however, to those online, the gesture holds an underlying meaning. Some believe you’re showing your true self or speaking your truth, whereas others believe it’s a basketball reference.

It’s difficult to keep up with the raging latest TikTok trends breaking the internet and adorning our lives every day. Once a trend has caught the attention of Gen Z and spreads, it’s wildfire! This article will clarify what the hands-on arm trend is and its origins of it. You’ll be hooked quickly!

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What is the Arm thing on TikTok?

A new TikTok pose recently went viral across all our feeds -the arm thing.

This style involves placing your middle finger and index on your arm, then looking directly at the screen as the explanation text is displayed.

The music used for the background in this style includes “Hayloft” by Mother Mother. The people who are following this trend do not lip-sync or show any other person speaking in these videos; they just show the text.

The gesture isn’t an absurd dance move or an insignificant pose. It clearly means something.

To give context, users on TikTok have used this technique to show their true selves. The text that appears on the screen will usually reveal personal information regarding the person who uploaded the video, or other details concerning their life that no one is aware of, such as embarrassing confessions about their personal lives.

In this video, TikTok was posted by user Zena Shurrab. She talks about “walking around with a god complex all day” in the first video. Then, cut to the second clip in which she puts her hands on her arms and captions the clip, showing her self-esteem issues.

This arm movement is employed during this film to show the true character of TikToker, the truth about her that many people don’t know.

We now know what the arm thing in TikTok is and the context it’s in; let’s look at what it means!

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What’s the meaning behind the Arm thing on TikTok?

The gesture of the arm on TikTok provides a clue to viewers that they believe somebody is telling the whole truth about them.

When it boils down to it, this gesture indicates that the person who made this video has been 100% transparent to their followers and providing personal information that is sensitive to them.

Why does this motion appear to mimic monitoring your pulse? There are many theories about that. However, it all comes down to the person you ask.

However, it’s believed that it’s due to the fact that the heart rate will increase when you tell people what’s true or share private information about your own.

It is part of the important trend known as the “built different trend,” where individuals identify their own unique characteristics which distinguish them from others.

However, the crassness has been employed to mock personal experiences or issues people face daily.

It’s a fun method of occasionally displaying your real personality to your followers, even through exaggeration. That’s how most TikTok fashions are – – ironic, exaggerated, and enjoyable!

Where did the Arm Thing Come Where did the Arm Thing originate

The original pose was derived from a basketball game dubbed ” ice in the veins,” created by NBA player D’Angelo Russel who made the same after scoring a decisive strike against Brooklyn Nets.

In basketball, it signifies people have strong nerves. Also, they’re ice blooded and cool-headed.

It’s not clear what the gesture is on TikTok currently; however, is anything on TikTok have any sense? It’s important to stick with it and take pleasure in the journey!


This new and bizarre TikTok trend will go over most users’ heads. However, we must admit that the content brought to our social media timelines is hilarious!

Often these trends aren’t clear in their purpose, but that isn’t keeping them from increasing in recognition. Don’t get too caught up in its purpose, ‘it’s not that complicated,’ like Gen Z likes to say!

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