What Does An X Mean On Snapchat 2022 | Snapchat Symbols Meaning

X Mean On Snapchat

Are you also wondering what does X mean on Snapchat? Well, it is obvious since every other day a new trend is introduced on Snapchat and it is hard for everyone to stay up to date with every Snapchat symbol’s meaning. 

Snapchat is a very popular photo and video sharing platform used by people worldwide. People love to capture themselves on the platform using different interesting and funny filters and share them with their friends on Snapchat. Not just this, there are different slangs that are used on Snapchat that only Snapchat users can understand. 

The meaning of X on Snapchat is a Kiss. If you are new to Snapchat, then there would be a lot of things that will be hard for you to figure out, especially the signs and symbols used on Snapchat. You won’t be able to understand their actual Snapchat meaning unless someone tells you about them. One of these symbols is the X sign on Snapchat.

What does the X mean on Snapchat? Or What does an X next to someone’s name on Snapchat mean?  Do you also want to find out the meaning and significance of this “X” from Snapchat’s point of view? Then you will find it out right here in this article, just go through it. 

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What Does X Mean On Snapchat?

<strong>What Does An X Mean On Snapchat 2022 | Snapchat Symbols Meaning</strong>

Depending on where the alphabet X or the symbol X is used, the meaning of this X varies. You will find a different meaning of X on every other social media platform like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

For instance, X has a different meaning in the educational field, in the medical field and it also has a unique significance in the computer field. Just like that, the meaning of X varies across different social media applications. 

In Snapchat, if someone sends an X in the texts, then it means “Kiss”. However, this is not the only meaning of X on Snapchat. There are certain meanings depending on the situation in which the X is sent on Snapchat. 

As per British slang, the meaning of an X on Snapchat is Kisses. 

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What Does X For A Line Means On Snapchat?

Another meaning of X is in the case when someone uses the text “X For A-Line” in their Snap. If someone uses this phrase on Snapchat, then it means that if you reply to their Snap with an X, then they will send you a sentence in which they will tell you about what they think of you. 

What Does XD Mean On Snapchat?

Apart from this, someone can also use an X following a D, that is, “XD”. If someone use these letters, it means that they are mentioning that they are laughing. As, if you tilt your phone to the left and look at XD, it will appear like a laughing face.

What Does “Send Me An X” Mean On Snapchat?

X Mean On Snapchat

If someone adds in their snap “Send me an X”, this means that they want you to ask them any question you want to ask. So, if someone adds to their Snap “Send me an X” or simply “Send X”, this means that they want you to ask them something, so, you have a chance to know about them something you wanted. 

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What Is The X Game On Snapchat?

There is also an X game that the Snapchat users have initiated. In this game, a Snapchat user sends someone the letter X on Snapchat. 

If someone sends you an X on Snapchat, you will send them back the name of a person you both know. Then the person who initiated this X game on Snapchat will have to write the most horrific things related to that person, which can be anything from their weight to their appearance. 

What Does XXX Mean On Snapchat?

X Mean On Snapchat

If someone sends triple Xs, that is, XXX on Snapchat, it means the three Saint Andrew’s crosses. 

What Does XOXO Mean On Snapchat?

If someone sends you XOXO on Snapchat, then, by this they mean “Hugs and Kisses”. 

What Does Grey X On Snapchat Next To Name Mean?

Is there a grey X next to Snapchat name of a user? Are you confused about what this Snapchat X next to name means? The meaning of a grey X next to a username on Snapchat is that the other person has blocked you on Snapchat and you are no longer friends with each other on the platform. 

If it is so, you will not be able to send them a friend request on Snapchat and you can neither send them any Snaps nor you can view their Snaps on Snapchat. 

Wrap Up

Now you know the meaning of any X that is possibly used or displayed on Snapchat. You are up to date with all X trends of Snapchat, share this with your friends who also use Snapchat. If there is something else you need to know about Snapchat symbols, tell us in the comments section about it. 

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