What are Ruin Fragments in Elden Ring?

What are Ruin Fragments in Elden Ring?

The Lands Between in Elden Ring is filled with objects and materials that players can make innovative instruments and tools. Certain materials are scarce and difficult to come across however, others are readily available virtually everywhere. One of the materials that players come across frequently is Ruin Fragments and could be utilized to create various other useful items.

Ruin fragments can be located near the wrecked buildings and temples that are scattered throughout The Lands Between and are one of the easiest sources to locate. They can be utilized as a throwable object to disorient enemies or to lure enemies away from the group, but they’re better used to make other objects.

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What are Ruin Fragments in Elden Ring?

Players can utilize Ruin Fragments to craft Scriptstone, Rainbow Stone, and Glow Stone. Scriptstone allows players to view additional messages left by other gamers which usually contain useful suggestions and tips and tricks. There are also fake news and jokes So, take what they have to say with the grain of salt.

Rainbow Stone emit colorful light and can be a great way to trace your route in a dark place. Glowstone can be similar to Glowstone, but it is dependent on Dewkissed Herba to create, and it only emits natural light colors.

Players should take Ruin Fragments while exploring the globe to ensure they have all the supplies they require. Rainbow Stone is a great method to determine whether you are able to survive in the event of a fall. If the Rainbow Stone breaks when it falls to the ground from high altitude, that implies that you’ll also be dead. If it’s intact, you are able to leap without difficulty. The possibility of receiving more messages from players who have Scriptstone could be beneficial in certain situations, and additional light from Glonestone can never hurt.

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