2 Best Ways to Remove Someone From Snapchat Group

Remove Someone From Snapchat Group

Although it is impossible to remove someone from Snapchat groups, there are other ways.

  • While you can’t remove someone from a Snapchat Group, there are two methods to accomplish the same goal.
  • You can, for example, create a new Snapchat Group and remove the person you don’t want to include. Or, you can ask them to leave the Snapchat Group if they aren’t comfortable.

Group chats on Snapchat can be somewhat illegal. Instead of being controlled by the person who started the chat, anyone can modify the chat name and add members to it (though the limit is 32 people).

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First, the bad news: No Snapchat feature allows you to remove anyone from a group chat.

There are many ways to get around this oversight, however. Choosing which one to use depends on your preferences and why you wish to remove the person from a group chat.

These are two ways to accomplish this task effectively and have a group chat with fewer people.

How To Remove Someone From Snapchat Group

2 Best Ways to Remove Someone From Snapchat Group

Create a group chat

If you are in a hurry, create a new group chat that includes all users except the user you wish to delete. It’s easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

If you wish to remove someone, simply create a Snapchat group.

Ask the member to quit the group chat.

This is a more aggressive move. Whether you use it or not depends on your tolerance for confrontation. All of their Snaps and chats will be deleted automatically from the group once they have left it.

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