Vulgar Militia Armor Stats & How to Get

Vulgar Militia Armor

The Vulgar Militia Armor: This Armor piece can be found within Elden Ring and is part of the Vulgar Militia Armor Set, which also contains Vulgar Militia Helms and Vulgar Militia Gantlets as well as Vulgar Militia Greaves.

Armed with filthy, mean-looking militiamen. Freshly-singed battlegrounds are rife with the stench from the dead. Forbidden lands are being erased from history’s memory. Here, the vulgar militia is untiring watchkeepers.

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Where do I find Vulgar Militia Armor?

  • Dropped from Vulgar Militia enemies (West Malefactor’s Evergaoll Liurnia, Liurnia, Lakes)

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Vulgar Militia Armor Stats

Phys. Absorb Strike Slash Pierce Magic Lightning Holy

8.8 10.2 9.5 8 10.2 10.2 10.9 10.2

Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise Weight

67 35 50 50 6 7.7

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