Ultimate DND YKLWA 5E GUIDE: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimate DND YKLWA 5E GUIDE: Everything you need to know about

Perhaps you’ve looked through some homebrews that people have shared who are monks Or you’ve gone through the official Handbooks for players and came across the Yklwa. This Yklwa guide to the 5e edition, I’m going to give you some more details about this odd and not this commonly utilized weapon .

There’s not a lot of lore about the Yklwa from 5e or the other edition, and very little information is found in official rulebooks or tales that come from Wizards of the Coast. If you’re familiar with my books, you are aware that I create them in the Dungeon Master’s viewpoint.

This is due to the fact that I mostly play the role of the role of a Dungeon Master and, secondly it is because I must fight off the numerous machinations players can throw at me. I know the rules of play and I know how to make the lives of both the player and DM challenging.

In this guide I will provide you with a bit of information about the history that surrounds the gun, the best way you can use it, and also answer the most frequently asked questions regarding these weapons.

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Your first concern as an Dungeon Master will likely be when you’re planning to present this tool, then how do you pronounce it. Its pronunciation would be YICK UHL – WAH. The more throats you use the better. Legend has it that the sound originates from the sound is heard when you take the Yklwa out of the thigh of the dinosaur.

What does the Yklwa? It is a simple but powerful melee weapon the Chultan warriors utilize. It is among their most common weapons. It is also employed as a throwing weapon however it’s not very efficient.

The layout of the yklwa is simple. It is constructed of a wooden shaft approximately 3 feet long , and an iron or stone blade that measures between 12-18 inches long. It weighs about 2 pounds. The average yklwa measures about 4 feet in length, and about 40% is the blade-like end.

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The weapons are mostly utilized as a kind of cutting spear in melee battle. It is possible to throw it but it doesn’t have the proper balance to be able to perform a long-range throw. This is why its range is approximately 30 feet. It will cause greater damage than the standard short spear, if it is hit in the range of approximately half the length of the shorter spear.

This is everything you must be aware of regarding Spears in DnD 5e.

Although the Yklwas are able to hold in both hands, tabaxi tribe fighters utilize the Yklwas in conjunction with a massive Hlang shield.

The cost you need to place on the weapon will be 1 piece of gold. It is a fair price when you compare it with the fifteenth century DR Port Nyanzaru economy, because the merchant prince Akene-afe increased the price by controlling the sale of the yklwa at the port.

In terms of damage, the weapon is quite basic, however when used correctly, it shouldn’t be undervalued. It is piercing at 1d8 damages, and that’s incredible for a weapon you could throw and carry with just only one hand. Further details on this will follow!

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If you’re reading this article I’m pretty sure that you’re at least a little curious about this weapon or would like to learn how to utilize it and what it could do. If you’re seeking an argument that will convince you or your friend to make use of this weapon, you’ve found the right resource.

It’s a very simple TOOL

If you’re looking to surprise your Dungeon Master, or simply make him angry if he’s got an easy weapons-only rule at the beginning of the game The Yklwa is bound to accomplish the objective. I, along with nearly everyone else DnD players I’ve spoken to, do not have a idea why the developers have decided to place this into the category of simple weapons.

If you’re not certain what the reason is for this to be so bizarre let me clarify. It’s a throwable single-handed weapon with a piercing destructive power of 1d8. This damage output is extremely high. If you examine the table of weapons you’ll see it is tied to weapons such as that of the legendary club. The great club is a weapon that can only use by hand.

The Yklwa you can use it as shields and increase your AC to increase your chances of survival. If you examine the game’s mechanics, then you’ll notice it is effective as weapons like the Morningstar. You do can throw it, whereas you cannot use it like the Morningstar which is believed to be a weapon for combat.


Another reason I like the Yklwa is the fact that it is seldom used by any person. Everybody is familiar with the sword, warhammer, etc. This weapon isn’t utilized frequently and, as I’ve already mentioned it has some amazing mechanisms that could provide the change in speed you’re looking for. Spears generally see limited use in the games I’ve seen when I run my Dungeon and Dragons campaigns, therefore, a short spear is likely to have a unique feature that many of DM’s have a good understanding of. This allows you to be awestruck by your DM with a new spear, which is always enjoyable if you’re a player.

The YKLWA is a kind of BROKEN

It is up to you it is acceptable or is exempted for the rest of its life DnD campaigns. The biggest issue that is a concern with yklwa lies in the fact that it’s an easy weapon. The only other weapon with damage output similar to this short spear are two-handed big as well as heavy weapon.

Another reason is that it can be thrown as well. Yes, I recognize that the distance that the gun has is terrible. It has the worst range of any weapon that can be thrown within D&D 5th edition of the various weapons I’ve encountered. But, it does the most damage when compared to other weapons that one hand that you could to throw within D&D. This is insane for a weapon that is used primarily to be used in melee combat.

If Dungeons and Dragons – as well as Wizards of the Coast as in general – were all uniform, this could be 100% a martial weapon. My research suggests that, and my personal opinion is that there’s no way to create any one-handed weapon that does the same amount of damage as yklwa with the same flexibility. This is why it’s the most basic weapon available for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

However, it’s not too powerful according to my view. It is, in the majority of instances anyway. The reason behind this is that the amount of damage caused to the gun is one less than the third best weapon. This makes me think that those who completely ban this weapon might be a bit too tight. There aren’t many who will abandon the old weapons to utilize a 4 foot long spear.

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If you’re reading an article on weapons like the Yklwa I’m going to make a guess that you’re fascinated by unique and commonly utilized weapons. Here are a few I’ve seen in use, and I believe they should be given more interest.

Another thing to be aware of is that the reason that certain weapons are not employed in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign , is that they’re quite bad or the market is small. If you’re a Dungeon master and are looking to incorporate these weapons into your game, a great method is to increase their damage a bit or add some magic abilities.


I love the whip. It’s not a practical weapon to take out monsters. It is only equipped with an output of 1d4 for slashing However, there are some interesting uses for it. It’s the only single-handed weapon with range. If you’re looking to keep your adversaries from getting too close the whip is an excellent weapon for this. If you’d like to increase the power of your whip, allow them to stop the enemy.


The trident is a different weapon that isn’t used often. The reason for this is that it’s not much superior to any of its counterparts. It is capable of doing a good amount of damage, with the damage output of 1d6. It can be thrown for a reasonable length of around 20/60 feet. The issue is that this is simple and normal.

I’d like to go deeper, but it’s simply the wrong version of the spear. It could be an additional benefit to make it more exciting. For instance, you could give it the opportunity to drown your opponent in the water, which can make them exhausted, as a result of a breathing problem.

Flail – the flail an extremely cool weapon with some potential yet isn’t used as much according to me. It’s a weapon that’s one-handed that is able to be utilized by characters of medium size – or bigger ones – to inflict more harm if they choose to use it with two hands. The weapon is very heavy and costly and is not much better for those who are e.g. an a warrior or barbarian as opposed to other options. I think it’s a good idea to be more popular, since the damage isn’t so terrible.

Frequently asked questions about the YKLWA in DND

Q: WHAT IS the YKLWA of warning?

Answer What is the Yklwa of Warning is a magical item located within the Tomb of Annihilation. It is able to alert you to danger. If it’s in your possession, it can have the capability to provide you with an advantage every time you play the game. It can also be used to make you and all of your friends within the 30-foot distance invulnerable to being surprised.

The other stats are similar to the regular Yklwa. It’s a cool weapon that is described inside the DMG book, which is on page 213.

QUESTION: DOES YKLWA have the ability to finish?

Answer What is the Yklwa is a basic melee weapon that does not have any other features similar to martial. Although it can be thrown but it’s primarily used as a melee weapon. It is not equipped with the ability to finesse or other property. It is a melee weapon, it’s default skill it employs is the most powerful capability.

Many dungeon masters that I have spoken to make some minor changes to the capabilities of the weapon, and they transform it into a combat weapon that has the ability to finesse. This solves a lot of problems with the weapon, but could result in it being excessively powerful for certain builds and you may need to reduce the damage to 1d6 + or even 1d6.

Question: Can you throw the YKLWA and if so, how DO YOU GO?

Answer: Although this is mostly used as a melee weapon, it could also be utilized as a one-handed throwing weapon. The most important thing to consider is can it be considered to be a good weapon? My opinion is that there are plenty of more effective throwing weapons. The primary objective of throwing weapons (at most in my opinion is to damage your adversaries in a long range where they won’t be able to strike your target, allowing you to take them out before they are close.

Although the damage from throwing is extremely powerful, with 1d8 is the highest of any single-handed weapon but the range is poor. A distance of 30 feet isn’t enough to ensure that your enemies are seriously injured when they come to you.

CONCLUSION: AWESOME Web-based application that deserves a bit more Attention

The Yklwa is among the top, if certainly not the most simple weapons available in Dungeons and Dragons. However, it doesn’t appear to receive lots of use. It could be because not many people are aware of this weapon, or haven’t been aware of its value.

I’d recommend you to give it a shot. It also has an excellent 1d8 damage rating that you can count on. If that’s too much, the weapon comes with the most effective throw damage out of any weapon you could use using just only one hand.

There’s not a lot of positive news for the Yklwa. Although their melee power is amazing and is even more impressive at the early stages of an event but the weapon is likely to lose its effectiveness after a while , and it is outdone by more commonly utilized weapons that are designed towards specific build. If you plan on throwing it, you will not reach a great distance, at least not literally. The reach that the firearm can reach is 30 feet, so you’ll only be able to use it in a handful of circumstances where you could use the weapon to its fullest potential.

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