UL Solutions Acquires Cimteq

UL Solutions Acquires Cimteq

UL Solutions, located in Illinois, focused on applied safety research, has acquired Cimteq, the UK-based manufacturing and design support software manufacturer.

The price of the deal wasn’t made public.

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UL Solutions Acquires Cimteq

Cimteq’s acquisition Cimteq enhances UL Solutions’ software capabilities to better serve both large and small customers for wire and cables across a product’s lifecycle. Utilizing the most advanced technology, Cimteq’s software for enterprise allows companies across the globe to become more efficient with increased productivity and streamlining manufacturing and product development processes.

Cimteq’s technology helps simplify the complicated management of cable design data, from the initial idea to providing the complete bill of materials directly to ERP systems for resource planning.

Through the use of Cimteq software, UL Solutions is now capable of providing manufacturers of cables and wire with tools that allow them to efficiently organize, manage, and manage all aspects of the manufacturing and development process using the most recent technology in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve the efficiency of cable manufacturing processes.

Cimteq was founded in 1998 by the software veteran Ali And Amanda Shehab and is headquartered in Wrexham, Wales, approximately 35 miles south of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. In 2018, Cimteq received an equity investment from the publicly traded private equity and infrastructure investment management, Foresight Group. Cimteq is headed by its CEO Michael Braddock.

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Cimteq offers technology that allows the management of data from cable designs, from the concept to delivering the complete bill of materials directly to ERP systems.

Directed by President and CEO Jennifer Scanlon, UL Solutions creates safety, security, and sustainability concerns into opportunities for customers across over 100 nations. The company offers testing inspection, certification, and testing services, along with advisory and software offerings which support their customers in their product development and expansion.

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