Turn Off Auto Capitalization Google Docs

Turn Off Auto Capitalization Google Docs

It’s not always easy to type and programs like Google Docs contain a variety of tools designed to quietly erase your mistakes. The tool you’ll find typically automatically capitalizes sentences you’ve not begun with an uppercase letter.

But the feature isn’t always as effective as Google believes. This is why you can disable it regardless of which Version of Docs you’re using.

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How to turn off auto capitalization on the Google Docs website

If you’re on Google Docs, the Google Docs website, you can deactivate automatic capitalization by using the menu Preferences.

1. Visit Google Docs on Google Docs website and open any document you want to modify.

2. In the toolbar at upper right of your screen select Tools, then Preferences.

3. Check the checkbox next Automatically capitalized words. This is and choose the second option.

4. Make sure to click OK on the end of the page.

Remove your “Automatically capitalize words” option. Google; William Antonelli/Insider

As of now, Docs won’t automatically capitalize your sentences. If you’d like to turn this function off, simply open the Preferences menu and then check the box again.

How to turn off auto capitalization in the Google Docs app

In contrast to the Docs website however, the Docs mobile application doesn’t come with an independent setting for controlling the capitalization of automatically. Instead it’s controlled by capitalization settings of your phone.

To disable automatic capitalization on the Google Docs mobile app, you’ll need switch it off on all your phones.

iPad and iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app, then scroll down until you select General.

2. Within the menu which appears Find it and click Keyboard.

3. Under the All Keyboards section, switch off the setting for Auto Capitalization.

Turn on the switch that turns the toggle to left. Apple; William Antonelli/Insider

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1. Start the Settings app, scroll to the screen’s bottom and select System.

2. Tap Languages and inputs the keyboard.

3. Select the keyboard you’re using for your Android. If you’re not certain what keyboard you’re using It’s likely Gboard.

4. Tap the Text correction button Scroll down, and turn off Auto-capitalization.

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