Tower Of Fantasy Deconstruction Device

Tower Of Fantasy Deconstruction Device

What is it that makes Tower Of Fantasy such a thrilling game is its deconstruction tool that stimulates thought and electronic locks. You can’t help but be awed by them, however, it is true that they aren’t easy to master. They certainly have led to a lot of players suffering endless frustration.

If you’re a beginner it can be daunting sometimes to attempt to solve every puzzle and lock in the game instantly. Before proceeding take an overview of the Tower of Fantasy electronic locks guide. It provides an in-depth look at the different passwords as well as the benefits.

If you too are in this same boat Don’t fret with our guide. In it, we’ll look at the deconstruction codes for all equipment in the Tower Of Fantasy realm. While you’re in this area, why not take an overview of our guide to the most powerful resonance weapons available in the game?

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The Lumina Deconstruction Device (PDC2)

The Deconstruction Device Lumina

How to locate the device could be an overwhelming task, particularly in the event that you do not know where to find it. That’s the reason we’ve listed it down for you!

The only thing you have to accomplish is walked the route and locate the device. When you locate the device and you have it, the remainder of the work is a piece cake. All you need to do is connect the secret code and you’ll be good to go. You might be thinking, what’s that secret code?

Do not fret We’ve got for you a solution. The password to access the deconstruction tool found in Tower Of Fantasy is, actually 7268. When you enter the number under, you’ll be all set. Of course, every deconstruction gadget comes with its own bonus and other gifts. What can you expect out of the Lumina deconstruction gadget?

You’ll be amazed to learn that players actually receive an actual Golden Neclus as an incentive. You actually you read it correctly. The players will be rewarded with an incredible bonus just for discovering the device.

If you didn’t feel compelled to locate the deconstruction tool before, you must be right now! When you’re there, why don’t you take the time to read our guide to making the fruit cake for Tower Of Fantasy? This guide will give you all the details about how to prepare the cake from scratch and the benefits it can provide you!

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Miners’ Camp Deconstruction Device (PDC1)

Deconstruction Device for Miners’ Camp in the Tower of Fantasy.

One of the most important activities in this game would be Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password the Tower Of Fantasy Miner’s Camp. By looking at the picture gave you, you will be able to identify the exact whereabouts for The Deconstruction Device. So, the rest will be easy once you get to the spot. Your goal will be accomplished when you enter the correct PDC1 password.

Before you proceed make sure to read our guide to the best weapons for PVE to use in the game. It gives you an in-depth look at all the benefits of these weapons.

We’ve mentioned earlier that to enjoy the special benefits of the device, you’ll need to have the code. so, what’s this code? Miners’ Deconstruction device in Camp? Its code is 4753..

When you have entered the code in the box, you will receive an amazing reward. Do you know what that is? The thing is that the readout for Lumina or Miner’s Camp deconstruction devices is exactly the same! Therefore, as you can imagine that the prize is another Gold Nucleus.

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Aarniel Fortress Deconstruction Device (PDC1)

Tower of Fantasy Aarniel Fortress Deconstruction Device

The Deconstruction Device PDW1 is located in TOF at the coordinates 381.6-832.3 on the map. The Aarniel Fortress is home to this device. If you’re confused about exactly where Aarniel Fortress is, don’t worry We’ve got you covered.

In Cetus Island, you can see The Aarniel Fortress. Its PDW1 destruction device can be seen at the top of the mountain. To access the device, press the F key, then enter the password, 8521. It will say Password correct will appear after you have entered the password.

It is then time to take your reward. Don’t get too enthusiastic about it, just ask yourself why? The thing is that the reward is Gold Nucleus. Before you proceed check out our guide to farming in AFK. It will tell you all you should be aware of concerning farming and farming strategies in the game!

We hope that this guide could help you find the passwords for the deconstruction device found in Tower Of Fantasy

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