Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021, based on Downloads

Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021, based on Downloads

Telegram was the most popular non-gaming application around the world in January 2021. It had greater than 63 million installed, 3.8 times its downloads in January 2020. The countries with the biggest amount of Telegram downloads were India, with 24 per cent of the installs and followed closely by Indonesia, with a 10 per cent share. The complete top 10 list of non-gaming applications worldwide with downloads in January 2021 is at the top. App download estimates are obtained from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

TikTok is the world’s second most popular non-gaming application this month, with close to 62 million installations. The top five countries with the highest amount of TikTok installations were Douyin in China, with 17 per cent of the installs, then those in the United States at 10 per cent. Signal, Facebook, and WhatsApp completed the top five of the most downloaded non-gaming applications worldwide for the month.

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Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021, based on Downloads

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Store Intelligence users can view estimations of app downloads for these apps as well as historical performance metrics for the Sensor Tower platform. Our estimates include downloads from the App Store and Google Play worldwide between January 1, 2021, and January 31 2021. Apple apps, as well as Google pre-installed applications, are not included. We report unique installs only. Android figures do not contain third-party stores. Figures are based on the cumulative installs for all versions of the app, including Facebook as well as Facebook Lite.

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