Tongsheng Oem Firmware – How to?

To upgrade the firmware of the motor of your TSDZ2, you’ll first have to buy or construct the programming cables yourself.

Unfortunately , I haven’t yet discovered an UK or even an european retailer of these cables. However, you can find a few worldwide sellers, such as and but these are located within the US and after you add delivery, you will pay around fifty dollars to purchase the cable.

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DIY options.

It’s evident from the listings above that these are the exact cables you could create yourself if you’re proficient with the soldering iron and have a go at testing the pinout of cables.

Here is my diagram of my cable and pinout..

TIP:Try to make the cable as small as you possibly can. encounter issues with voltage drop any more! And then, to connect your laptop or computer, use the standard USB Extension cable.

It is evident that, you require a ST-Link Version 2 USB programmer. These are simple to locate on eBay or AliExpress for around PS4 However, a caution: the pinouts will not be identical, so make sure you look at the image carefully! I have a different device that, if connected correctly to its labeled pinout, it won’t work. So why not just use the ones with the same pinout as in the above picture?

You should be able to build your cable with less than PS15 if you have heat shrink in your possession.


Apart from that Original Screen open-source firmware ( we’ll get to this in a moment) all programming for the TSDZ2 is performed using a single software from ST labs, ST Visual Programmer STVP-STM32 (email registration is required, and a link is sent to an email address at absolutely free)

After installing and downloading drivers and software, you’ll be required to select the ST chip you would like to talk to. Choose the appropriate options at the prompt.

After that, you will be presented with the main screen.

If everything goes well, you’ll be able to access the Read All tabs menu to see the present configuration for the tsdz2 motor.

There are three tabs for data memory: ‘ Program Memory’, ‘Data Memory and Option Bytes’. If the read was successful, you should be able to find these areas full of information. I suggest saving each of the tabs to files with the File option -> Save so that you can have a backup of the motor’s firmware should you need to restore it to the way it was.

So for example you select the program tab, and save that at ‘my-stock-firmware-program-tab.hex ( choose the intel hex format) then choose the data tab and save that tab as my-stock-firmware-data-tab.hex, and the same for the option tab.

It is now possible to play using the different choices of firmware ….

Stock Firmware updates

This blog post is about updating the firmware to the latest opensource version, isn’t that right?

It’s indeed coming, but before the opensource firmwares were created, one of the first things to be discovered with the new TSDZ2 firmware was that many variations of the motor offered as 250w, 350w, 500w and even 750w had the identical hardware, but with differently-designed firmware. In most cases the difference is just one or two bytes which capture the voltage and current the motor runs.

Therefore, in many instances, those who bought a 250w motor can install the firmware to 500w motors, and then enable the power intended for the motor.

If you want to just unlock your motor, retain the original screen, and then use a stock firmware, this is the best solution for you.

Please note that they also include the stlink cable as well as software. They utilize the original stlink V2 device that functions in the same manner, but appears slightly different from the clones that you can find on the internet (similar to the one shown above)

Bring on the Open Source Firmware!

Okay, you’ve come here, and perhaps you have, like me, experimented in changing your firmware to an open source stock firmware, but you’re now eager to know what opensource can offer you. What are you required to be aware of?

The first thing to think about is whether you’re willing to switch the screen and remove and re-solder a few cables to join a new screen motor?

Suppose you’re against this kind of hacking. In that case, a safe option is to check out the customized firmware threat created by the user emmebrusa, specifically designed for use with original TongSheng screens such as the VLCD5,VLCD6 and the xh18. It is only necessary to program the motor with the tool stvp above and no physical modifications on the cable.

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Stock screen firmware fork from the name of emmebrusa

It’s a bit off-topic since this opensource firmware is an alteration of the original work by Casainho, I thought I’d mention it as it is most likely to attract those looking to test the custom firmware for their TSDZ2 first.

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