Tips And Tricks Of Editing Gaming Videos Like A Pro

Tips And Tricks Of Editing Gaming Videos Like A Pro

Maximum internet users today prefer to watch gaming videos in recent times. As a result, the popularity of these videos is skyrocketing, and this is why it is important to know the best editing tricks that will let you make gaming videos like a pro.

The number of viewers of gaming videos has been growing significantly in recent days. According to a survey, more than 1.2 billion views were added to the gaming videos alone in the year 2020. The number is multiplying every passing day. A significant number of internet users spend millions of hours daily watching gaming videos, and therefore, people got interested in watching live streams.

If you have not started the gaming videos yet, this article is for you. Since the requirement of high-quality videos is crucial, especially in the highly competitive gaming world. The lifeline you have to chalk out your gaming channel strategy is just by posting quality content. Without high-quality content, you can be left behind. These are why you should invest some time and resources in editing gaming videos.

According to many, video editing is simple, and a few tricks will help you produce quality videos that everyone will appreciate. A significant part of the editing task can be done with a video editor. The steps mentioned in this article will let you understand the ethics while editing the gaming video. These tips are easy and don’t need additional skills to edit the videos.

1.      Draft a plan before editing the video

Without a proper plan, nothing can be achieved, and before going to edit the video, make sure that you have thoroughly drafted an editing plan. Since the video editing process consists of several steps, you may be confused during the process. Therefore, it is best to preplan and check out the obstacles you have to overcome during the editing.

2.     Maintain high quality during the editing

Maintaining the quality of the video is crucial during the editing process. Poor-quality videos can’t draw the attention of the viewers. So, while capturing the game video footage, make sure that you have done that professionally. Make sure that the video lacks pop-ups or lags. Make sure that your PC is fast enough to capture every move of the video. A PC with 1080p resolution at 60FPS is suitable for gaming videos.

3.     A proper video editing tool

There are several video editing tools available, but you must always choose one that will meet your requirements. Before opting for any tool, make a list of your requirements like effects, synchronization of audio and video, transitions, and voice-over like essential aspects. After making a list, choose the tool for creating a stunning video as per your choice. Editing a video is not as tough as it sounds. Spending a few hours to know the functions of the tools will let you produce high-quality videos that your viewers will appreciate.

4.     Use proper color and saturation

Color makes the video aesthetically rich. With these types of videos, your viewers will stick to the end, and they will subscribe to your game video channel on YouTube or Facebook. A viewer can become an all-time subscriber if he finds your video is interesting. To meet this level of quality, you have to adjust the color and the saturation of the footage. Make sure that every color combination suits your video.

5. Moderate the length of the video

Most of the time, lengthy videos fail to draw the viewers’ attention. Therefore, make sure that you have curtailed the length. You should break that into a few parts or chapters if you have lengthy footage. After doing that, edit each part according to the content quality. While uploading the video on YouTube, you can break the video into several parts to keep each part enjoyable and entertaining.

6.     Ensure quality gadgets for recording and voice-over

A high-quality video attracts the attention of the viewers like magic. To ensure the stunning effect of the video, you have to ensure a quality camera and microphone. Unfortunately, many content creators ignore this fact, and therefore, they struggle to maintain the quality. If you have a quality camera and microphone to record audio, it is easy to serve high-quality videos that will mesmerize the viewers. Therefore, invest in high-quality microphones and cameras to create perfect videos without wasting more time.

7.      Include quality effects and transitions

Quality effects and transitions help to beautify the video and make that appealing and entertaining to watch. No matter the size of your video, you can still use different types of effects in-between to ensure an entertaining video. Sometimes, when you include more transitions and effects, that will look unprofessional. This is the reason, use them when necessary.

8.     Voice over quality should be perfect

Videos with no sound look dull, and if the sound is not synchronized with the video, the video will look irritating. Ensure you are doing voice commentary on your video for effective and better quality video production. Apart from microphones, it is also crucial to invest in high-quality professional headphones to improve the video’s charm.

9.     Include appropriate thumbnail

Thumbnails are the first picture that a viewer gets encountered with. A stunning thumbnail can force the audience to click on your video. Several tricks can be used to make a stunning thumbnail. Use texts and graphics to create a perfect thumbnail. Additionally, you can insert exciting facial expressions while playing the games. Thumbnails work excellently to draw the viewer’s attraction, and they offer the first impression that a viewer always needs to watch a video. Once they click on the video due to thumbnails, it will be easy for you to capture them using video editing techniques.


Game videos are now top in popularity, and game lovers prefer to watch quality videos, so during editing, editors have to be extra careful. These tips will help you produce a quality gaming video that will draw the maximum attention of the viewers. 


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