Tiny Tina Spellblade: Here’s What You Need to Know?

Tiny Tina Spellblade: Here's What You Need to Know?

Spellblade is an iconic melee weapon from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands made by Swifft. It can be obtained randomly from any appropriate source of loot but has a higher chance of being dropped from Wastard in Karnok’s Wall.

How do I obtain Spellblade Legendary Weapon? Spellblade Legendary Weapon

To obtain the Spellblade go into the Karnok’s Wall-Positive Headspace area at the place indicated above. You must be able to defeat one of the Son of a Witch boss to get the weapon from the drop. It’s one of the most difficult boss fights you’ll encounter during the game, so make sure you are ready.

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The Son of the Witch is a kind of Witch that uses spells with range and has regenerative powers that allow him to inflict severe damage from a distance. He may even kill you with just one shot if you’re unprepared.

In the beginning of the fight, he’ll shoot blue skulls. They could take your entire ward and take away most of your health. You’ll need to constantly attack him with your weapon to eliminate the bar he uses to ward.

In the second stage of the battle in the second phase, he’ll begin summoning spirits that can revive his wars and allow him to cause significant damage. It is necessary to wait until he decides to cease casting his spells before using all the firepower you have in that moment. Be aware that you may have to fight him several times before collecting the Spellblade.

Spellblade legendary Weapon Statistics

  • Damage: 523
  • Attack Speed: 1.79/s
  • Critical Chance Critical Chance: 11%
  • Critical Damage Critical Damage: 115 percent

Weapon Description Weapon Description: The Wand selects the Wizard

Spellblade legendary weapon effects

  • +15% Attack Speed
  • +10 10% Critical Chance
  • +5% Critical Damage
  • Melee attacks deal damage to spells rather than Melee Damage. Melee attacks boost Spell Critical Chance to 80% for six seconds
  • The Warrior’s Melee Attacks cut your damage reduction and melee damage dealt to you by 88% during 10- seconds.Stacks 5 times

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How do you make use of Spellblade Legendary Weapon? Spellblade Legendary Weapon

Spellblade Spellblade is a quick melee weapon of the Legendary category manufactured through the firm Swifft. Melee attacks that are made using this weapon result in spell damage to opponents, instead of melee damage , while seeking to increase it’s Spell Critical Chance up to 80 percent over 6 seconds. Combining this weapon with a spellshot will increase the damage of the spell, making it an excellent weapon for melee.

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