Tinder Not Showing Matches or Likes? Here’s Easy Fix   


Tinder is among the most popular dating apps available, but it appears to be an issue that several issues arise within the app. One of the biggest issues is that Tinder often doesn’t appear to show users the matches they receive.

The most common way that this happens is the situation where Tinder claims that you’ve had several matches. You open the app and find no matches or perhaps just one. It is usually visible when you access the gold section of Tinder. Tinder will display how many matches are available in the similar section, and once you click on it, there aren’t any matches available.

Tinder can’t display matches because the internet connectivity is weak. If you can improve your connection, you’ll be able to view your Tinder matches once more. There are other causes why you’re not getting matches on Tinder; however, the internet connection is just one of the most common. It is recommended to switch between data and Wi-Fi.

After resolving the issue Tinder Not Showing Matches or Likes, you can begin troubleshooting other options and determining what solutions work.

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Why is Tinder not Showing Matches?

Tinder Not Showing Matches or Likes?

The reason that Tinder doesn’t show your matches is due to software problems.

Software issues are frequent on Tinder, and it’s not that they’ll make any changes anytime soon, and it’s the right time to take matters into the hands of your personal.

It is possible to overcome the software glitches. However, it can be difficult to completely overcome them.

One of the most effective methods is to delete and then reinstall the application. This is a long procedure, but I’ll get into the method of doing it faster later.

Another reason that Tinder hasn’t shown your matches is your weak connection. It’s not necessarily because the app isn’t showing the matches, but you cannot view them.

In dealing with this issue, I’ve discovered that Tinder simply takes a little bit of time to display your matches, even if it’s difficult to see them.

While you might be able to find a match, you’ll need to wait around 5 minutes before it appears in the section for matches that are located above your messages.

It’s the same for likes. If you receive an email stating that you’ve been added to alike, you are required to wait a few minutes for the like to appear.

Matches and Likes are described as being the identical thing on Tinder. The only distinction is that like is when someone swipes right at you before you. At the same time, a match occurred when you swiped right at that person.

You actively enjoy it while you are on Tinder when you swipe left. You’ll be able to check your likings when you click the diamond icon within the app.

When you swipe right on the person, you’ll be able to view them as matches in the top right corner of the message section.

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Why Tinder Gold Isn’t Making Likes

Tinder Not Showing Matches or Likes?

If you’ve got Tinder Gold, but you cannot see your interests, this could be due to several reasons. Tinder Gold enables you to discover who you like instantly.

You expect to see new likes immediately because you’re spending money on this. Still, occasionally if the Tinder app isn’t working correctly, you might not be able to see new likes.

If you recently bought Tinder and want to view your followers, you might have been waiting for a few seconds or even up to an hour. If your likes aren’t being displayed on Tinder, it could be because Tinder requires time to register the likes you’ve got.

If someone is interested in you the moment they do, there is a time frame for the new person to sign up because Tinder has many users. You now know that you have a similarity to someone else. If Tinder declares you to be similar, but nothing is displayed, the reason is that it requires time to sign up.

You might want to look into if you have a reliable internet connection. I’ll explain in the next section how to test this thoroughly.

Tinder isn’t a random app that decides not to display your favourites or matches. It’s therefore important to be patient and wait until it loads.

If the app is not working, you must be patient and wait until they correct the problem. It may take up to a few hours. If it appears that matches or likes are simply disappearing, this could be caused by an error.

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Tinder Matches aren’t loading.

Tinder Not Showing Matches or Likes?

Many users have complained that their matches with messages aren’t loading correctly or getting through. This problem has affected all users, so there’s no reason to be concerned.

If your games aren’t loading, you may miss out on something particular, which isn’t ideal. That is why I’d like you to have this issue fixed in the shortest time possible.

If you’re concerned about this, it’s ideal for exploring a new dating app.

Your games don’t load or work that there’s something wrong with your internet connection.

The issue could be in Tinder itself. However, it is important to test your router and everything else first. After that, you can try updating the app to test if that works.

It’s a good idea to take an examination of your account. If you’re unable to see your Tinder matches due to them not loading, you may want to sign up for an account with a different name if the issue persists.

If not, go for the long game and sit back and wait for Tinder to fix the problem that everyone is talking about.

It could take a few months, but for now, we’ll just have to hope it doesn’t continue to happen in the future, which would be a real pain.

If you’ve watched the game at all, but you think it’s loading, then it could be that they’ve mismatched you.

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Join Tinder Gold To Discover Your Favorites

You might have observed that Tinder sends you an email that says you have a new like, but when you log into the app, you’re not able to see the similarities.

This is due to the strategies they employ in their efforts to convince you to download the application. If you don’t use the app, you will receive these messages.

It’s not true that this applies to users; however, if you go to the app, you’ll see that there’s a non. Same with matches.

To prevent this, you must download tinder gold since it will provide you with the chance to view those as well, but this is not free, and discounts to look out for.

After you’ve paid for this upgrade, you’ll be able to view your favourite items. You may find that some are no buts. This is Tinder’s method to entice you to purchase the paid.

When you swipe them right, they’ll become matches. The cost of this might make some people hesitant. However, I believe it will improve your experience tremendously.

If you reach the point that you cannot view new ones when you swipe them, I would highly recommend that you purchase gold.

Tinder Gold says I have Liked it, but nothing can show up

If the app says you have a Like, but it’s not showing, or you can’t find it, it isn’t registered. You’ll need to wait for the application to register the like correctly.

Similar to when the notification from Tinder states that there’s a match, but it does not show. It could be due to loading issues mostly.

To get this fixed, I’d begin by shutting down the application. It is done by pressing the bottom of your iPhone and then tapping up the app.

If you’re using an Android device, click on the left-hand right side of your home button, and shift left or right to open an application. Then, I suggest waiting for 10 minutes before seeing if anything similar appears.

Tinder Matches and Likes Not Loading

Tinder matches can take a while to load, particularly in the case of new matches or likes. If you notice that one of these is not loading, then test for your connection on the internet first.

Many users have reported that Tinder claims they’ve found a match or like, but the match doesn’t appear. One reason this could be that the match you received may not have been matched with you.

It is also necessary to wait for it to load correctly, particularly if it’s an entirely new match. If you find that matches or likes don’t seem to work or you don’t see them, I recommend you shut down the app and then open it.

It is possible to find out the procedure below. Also, make sure you have plenty of bars or simply move to mobile and wait until you begin to load properly.

If you cannot see any of your matches or appear like it’s gone, this could be a sign that they didn’t match you. If you don’t identify your match, take a moment and return.

Force Start Tinder’s App

When Tinder does not show me my matches, the next thing I think of is closing the app, which is exactly the force start.

Force-starting Tinder will eliminate any glitches in the software that I mentioned. Similar to glitches.

To force shut down the app tinder to close the tinder app on your iPhone, you must double-tap on your home screen until you can see apps appear. Then, swipe the app up to the app tinder.

If you do not have a home button on your iPhone, you can swipe up from the bottom and then go through the above steps.

If you’re using an Android phone similar to a Samsung, simply go to settings and search for Tinder. Go to settings, look for and then find the Tinder application, and press close.

After you have finished, go back to the app to see whether Tinder has shown you matches.

Make Sure You Have A Working Internet Connection

An unreliable internet connection could be a major issue in not being able to view your matches on Tinder.

If your connection is not working, it prevents certain things like matches from loading.

If your Tinder matches aren’t being loaded on Tinder, you’ll need to switch to Wi-Fi or cell data.

To do this, switch to the iPhone. You can switch it on by going to settings or simply swipe upwards from the bottom to open the controls panel.

If your iPhone doesn’t come with a home button, then you can swipe to the right corner, and you’ll be able to view that Wi-Fi symbol.

You can do this within the settings on your Android device. It is also possible to turn off and switch to airplane mode, as it temporarily resets the network settings.

Switch off and on the Wi-Fi to see lower bars in your phone. If the bars remain low, try moving to another location until you see it functioning properly.

Your likes and matches should load when you have an improved connection. If you’re still showing matches, move to the next step.

Make sure you turn on your location.

You probably already know that it is impossible to find matches on the site without your location is visible.

Your location will let Tinder know the location of your home and will let potential matches know how far you are from them.

If your location isn’t correct and Tinder isn’t having much trouble showing you matches.

To turn on location services on your iPhone, simply go to settings and privacy. From there, toggle the setting on.

This is done on Android by accessing the Connections section of your settings and clicking the Location button at the top of the screen.

This can only solve the problem in certain cases, and you shouldn’t be expected to solve everything. Keep in mind that we are trying to figure out the cause of your issue.

Utilize A VPN Network

The VPN network is an online VPN or virtual private network. They allow you to browse the internet in the privacy of a network that isn’t your private.

This means that you can also perform certain activities that apps won’t permit users to perform in specific places.

With the help of a VPN, you can also alter your location, but Tinder is clever enough to utilize the device’s location and not on an IP address.

I’ve discovered that keeping my VPN turned on while using the app lets me load my friends and matches significantly more easily.

Vpn’s can be downloaded through the App Store. I strongly recommend Tunnel Bear as it doesn’t cost you to switch your location, whereas other similar services will require you to pay for a monthly subscription; however, you can use the best one for you.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you need to follow the steps to turn off the VPN within the setting. Do not worry; it will guide you on how to accomplish this.

It is necessary to connect to Wi-Fi to use the VPN; therefore, if you don’t have that connection, you’ll have to skip the following step.

Make sure you are updated or deleted from the Tinder app.

If you haven’t upgraded the Tinder application in a while, I’d recommend you update it. If you have an older version of the software there, it could cause issues.

If the app is updated, they usually fix several issues, such as not being in a position to view your matches.

But, Tinder doesn’t push out updates frequently, so it’s best to configure an app store that will update your apps whenever there’s an update available.

Tinder tends to change its layout, so you should be prepared to change it once modified.

To update your app for your phone, simply go to the app store and click on your profile. After you’ve logged in, you can look down to find the application you’re searching for or If you’re using Android, search for the area that states “Manage Apps”.

Choose the app you wish to update and then do it.

If your app has been updated, you must simply delete it. By deleting the app, you clean the cache, which is essentially the old file pages on the app.

Be assured that this will not erase anything important. Simply click it down and hit the cross, and confirm that you want to delete it to remove the app. This can be done by looking for the app within the settings.

If you want to clean out the cache but not deletion on your iPhone, go to Settings and select General > Storage > search for the application and tap on it, then tap “Delete All”.

This is self-explanatory for Android.

Tinder could be down.

You may not be able to see your matches because Tinder is generally down. If this happens, pretty much everything is not working within the application.

It can be extremely complicated, and it can be very frustrating. All you have to do is wait to locate the problem if this happens.

It usually happens within under 24 hours. You can determine when it is down by checking the Down Detector website.

Live reports are available anytime applications are down. You can view the graph to show how large the issue is.

If there’s a huge increase, the app could not work for many users. This can lead to things like matches and similar apps not loading.

If you’re not able to wait for a while, I’d recommend using a different dating application until the issue is solved.

Restart your device

If your gadget is the one that’s causing this, you’ll need to turn it off and on to ensure that this isn’t the reason.

If your device isn’t functioning correctly, restarting it will resolve any issues you’re experiencing with Tinder matches.

If your phone returns to normal, you’ll have to verify whether your matches show up or have an update. Most of the time, the phone isn’t the cause of why an application might be malfunctioning. However, it can happen.

To turn off your iPhone, you’ll need to press your power button for a couple of minutes until you can see the button for power-off.

Swipe left to start it up, after which it will turn back on by pressing the power button. This will take around 30 minutes.

If you’re using one of the most current iPhone models, you must hold onto the volume down button while keeping your fingers on your power button.

If you’re using Android software, it’s the same. Simply press the power button, and then select the power off button.


You should be able to identify your matches without difficulty. Remember that this article isn’t a fix-all-problems solution, and you’ll need to continue looking and trying until you find a solution that works.

If you’re fed up with Tinder, I suggest you look for an alternative since Tinder’s platform isn’t quite up to the mark.

Other applications like Bumble do not have the same issues as Tinder. To prevent all of these issues generally, you could opt for an upgrade plan that makes the app more smooth for you.

If you want this issue addressed, you should reach out to Tinder’s customer support. They’ll be able to provide you with a more suitable solution for your needs.

You might find a FAQ on their website, so make sure you are aware of being aware that they might not have the answer you need.

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