TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos: Easy Fix Your Video-Sharing App

TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos

Do you use TikTok a lot? Have you noticed that TikTok doesn’t like videos you’ve previously responded to?

To like a TikTok video, you must click the heart button again to remove feedback from the reel.

TikTok has server problems that can cause data corruption.

This guide is designed to help you understand why TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos and what you can do to fix it.

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Why does TikTok not like my videos?

TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos: Easy Fix Your Video-Sharing App

TikTok won’t, unlike other videos you’ve reacted to if you have over 500 likes in a day.

Reason 1. Exceeds limit

TikTok gives 500 likes daily to its users.

Your likes will be removed from videos that you’ve seen on your FYP (For You Page).

Reason 2.

TikTok will continue to unlike videos when its server experiences issues that impact TikTok’s algorithms or software.

Reactions to videos won’t be processed if the app’s server goes down. This is because the communication request from you to TikTok is not being fulfilled.

Reason 3.

The video will not be added if you are not connected to the Internet while you like a video on TikTok.

Your network connection may be slow or intermittent and could cause delays in processing your request to view a video.

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How to Fix TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos

TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos: Easy Fix Your Video-Sharing App

How to stop TikTok videos from being unliked

TikTok will not like videos from your account if you do not have at least 500 likes per day.

TikTok doesn’t keep track of this, so if TikTok is active throughout the day, you will need to keep an eye on how many likes and shares you give out.

 Fix 2.

If the server goes down, you won’t have access to your TikTok application.

This could be caused by planned maintenance or an unanticipated issue that has short-term consequences for the app’s normal operation.

However, you can keep up-to-date with the status on TikTok’s servers to know when it is up again.

Fix 3. 

If your Wi-Fi router has an internet connection, make sure it is connected.

It will be good to power reset your router if your Internet has been experiencing intermittent problems. Unplug it for a while, and then plug it back in.

Mobile data: Switch your phone on and off again.

Fix 4.

You will need to wait 24 – 48 hours if you are temporarily banned from liking TikTok videos.

Your TikTok account will not allow you to access any other services. When you log in to your profile, it will say, “This account is currently suspended.”

When this notice disappears, you’ll be able to see your profile details and know when you have full access to TikTok.

(Interesting fact: The original app name was Musical.ly, but it was later changed to TikTok because the videos are so brief.)

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How can I stop my TikTok tapping so fast?

You’ve tried to like a TikTok video but were presented with an error message “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!”

This message is being displayed because you like too many videos in short time spans without actually watching the entire video.

This flags your account as a bot (a fake profile), so TikTok will temporarily ban it.

TikTok temporarily bans accounts. You will be unable to comment or like videos for a brief period.

Lasts Between 24 – 48 Hours Before you have full access to the profile and can like/comment on creators’ videos.

Can you correct the error message “You are tapping too fast? Take a break!”

TikTok will remove this error message. It is best to ignore this message and wait for it to go away.

However, if you cannot resolve the ban, it is possible to clear your TikTok cache files.

Step 1. Launch TikiTok and then go to your “Profile.”

Step 2. Choose the 3 lines in the top right corner of the screen

Step 3. Click on Cache and Cellular data’ to open? Clear Cache’

This will delete all data downloaded to your app and possibly eliminate any “saved errors”.


We hope that you can now better interact and network on your social media apps.

If you need guidance, please visit TikTok’s Help Centre or email them at [email protected].

You can Report a Problem through the mobile app and provide feedback related to your concern or query.

Keep up-to-date with TikTok’s Twitter support page.

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