TikTok Keeps Resetting? This Guide Will Help You Fix It

TikTok Keeps Resetting

TikTok, one of the most popular social media apps, has millions of users around the globe. TikTok sometimes resets the app and interrupts users who try to use it. We’re here to help you get rid of TikTok Keeps Resetting.

It was launched in China in September 2016 and has enjoyed increasing popularity worldwide. As of 2017, it is available on all Android and iPhone smartphones. Many TikTokers use the platform to express themselves, share their best shots, laugh out loud, and make money.

The application does have flaws and other malfunctions, much like any other mobile app. Tiktok seems to be unable to connect to different Android or Apple devices, as previously reported by users. This guide will help you to solve this annoying problem.

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Why Does My TikTok Keeps Resetting?

TikTok Keeps Resetting? This Guide Will Help You Fix It

TikTok has been a popular platform since its inception. TikTok users sometimes experience problems due to these reasons:

  • The application update may keep resetting TikTok, so a simple update could resolve the problem.
  • The TikTok Server could be down, which could cause the problem.
  • If your phone storage is full, you can clean it.
  • TikTok’s performance can be affected by other applications.

What does it signify when your TikTok account is reset?

Resetting the Tiktok is a way to revert to the original content and setup, as well as remove any interesting contacts and information from your account.

Signing back in after 30 days will restore your account. If you wish to perform the reset, it is better to wait for thirty days.

You can switch to another account or create a new interest.

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How can I fix TikTok glitches?

TikTok Keeps Resetting? This Guide Will Help You Fix It

Since its inception, TikTok has been the most used application in China. TikTok decided to concentrate on the users rather than minor issues, as they had such a large userbase. Both you and TikTok can have TikTok problems.

If someone doesn’t know how to fix minor issues, they can cause serious headaches. We are here to help you resolve TikTok’s reset issues using simple troubleshooting methods. Restart the application to resolve the problem before you try any other solution.

Reboot Your Phone

You can restart your TikTok app if you experience an issue. First, turn your device off for a few moments and then turn it on again.

The TikTok keeps restarting problem can be solved by restarting your phone. This refreshes the memory and frees up RAM. It also destroys any existing processes. If the problem persists, open the app again after restarting your phone.

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Clear your phone storage

You can free up some storage by removing applications, videos, or other irrelevant material.

When you surf the Internet or use mobile apps, temporary data and unused files are created and left on your device.

If your phone runs out of storage, it can cause slowdowns and other problems such as Tiktok keeping resetting.

Clear TikTok Cache Data

Clearing the cache of an application may be an option if none of the above methods works. Apps save cache data by improving your overall experience.

This does not mean that the software is spying upon you. Instead, it saves your preferences to ensure that it meets all your expectations every time you use it.

Follow these instructions to clear your cache if you own an Android device.

  • Open the Phone Settings, then choose Apps and Notifications.
  • You’ll now see all installed applications. Find TikTok in the list.
  • Click on Clear Cache after you have selected Storage & Cache.
  • To close the application completely, click on Force Stop. To see if the problem persists, open the application.

Check For TikTok App Updates

Keeping your apps and phone up-to-date is important to avoid any problems. You should update your TikTok application if the above methods have not worked.

  • Open the Play Store (for Android devices) or App Store from the home page.
  • Now tab on the Side Menu or the 3-dash button in the upper-left corner.
  • Next, click on My Apps and games from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Update button to update the Tik Tok App.
  • Please wait until the update process is complete. It depends on your internet speed. Start the application to see if any issues persist.

You can check for system updates on your phone.

Your smartphone’s operating system is important. To fix bugs reported by users, you can update your phone.

  • Click on Phone Settings > Software Updates>.
  • This update might take longer than anticipated, so you can set aside 30 minutes and not use your phone.
  • Launch the app after updating your phone.

TikTok can be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Uninstall the application if none of these methods works. Next, reinstall the application from either the Google Play Store (or App Store). Verify that the internet connection works properly.

Sometimes, the bug could cause TikTok’s app to crash, and TikTok will have to restart the app. These steps will allow you to uninstall TikTok on Android.

  • Go to Settings, then select Apps & Notifications.
  • You’ll now see the application list. Find the TikTok, then click on Uninstall.
  • Click on Confirm to confirm the deletion process.
  • After uninstalling the app, navigate the Application Store and search for TikTok before clicking the Install button.


There are many options to resolve this TikTok problem. You can contact TikTok customer service if TikTok keeps restarting. It is strongly recommended that you try each of these methods before filing a complaint. Most users can resolve their issues quickly by following just a few simple steps.

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