TikTok Comments Not Showing? Easy 14 Fixes Will Help You

TikTok Comments Not Showing

While scrolling through your fyp, you might notice a video with a few comments. But when you click on the comments, you will see nothing.

TikTok might also say 0 comments to videos you know have tons of comments.

Although comments can be disabled, the problem is present on all videos you view in your FYP. Another situation where TikTok Comments Not Showing is when you view your videos.

While you may see some comments, there is no way to know what they are. These are some things you can do to resolve the issue.

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TikTok Comments Not Showing

Why are my comments not showing up on TikTok?

TikTok Comments Not Showing? Easy 14 Fixes Will Help You

Your TikTok comments may not show up after watching a video. This could be due to a slow-loading internet connection or a problem the app is having with its users.

TikTok Comments Slow to Load

Your TikTok comments load slowly when you click on the comment section of a video. This is due to a TikTok bug that slows down comments loading.

After watching a video, click on the comment section to open it. The loading icon will stay there until the comments load.

You’ll notice a decrease in the time it takes for comments to load after TikTok releases an update.

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No comments under someone’s post

If there are no comments on a post by someone, it means that they have blocked others from commenting on the video. You can do this by clicking on the comment option and turning it off. You’ll then see zero comments and the ability to leave comments on their videos. If they allow commenting again, people will be able to comment on their photos.

You can’t see your comments on someone’s video.

Your internet connection may be poor if you cannot see comments in someone’s videos. Things like comments and likes won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection.

Switch from WIFI to data to test if your connection can be restarted. If that fails, you will need to reset your router to create an internet connection for comment posting.

You won’t see your comments under someone else’s TikTok video because they have filtered words and blocked offensive comments.

Comments that contain words will be automatically filtered after you have posted them. If they block offensive comments, the comment will automatically be removed once you have posted it.

Another reason you might not be able to see your comments is a glitch in the app. This will cause the app to crash and prevent you from seeing your comments.

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TikTok has a bug

TikTok Comments Not Showing? Easy 14 Fixes Will Help You

TikTok comments will not appear in videos because of a bug in the app. A glitch in TikTok can lead to unexpected errors, such as a comment not appearing or a common comment not being displayed.

A glitch is an error in the software. You may notice comments on videos, but nothing appears when viewing them.

This glitch can be fixed by removing the error from the app. You can do this in your settings.

1. Open the Settings app. The app icon looks like a gear on a grey background.

2. Scroll down to “Apps” in the Settings menu and click on it.

3. From the Apps menu, select “Tik Tok” from the list.

4. After you click the app, you will need to choose the Option that says “Storage.”

5. The Clear Data and Clear Cache options are located at the top of your storage screen.

6. Each Option can be selected one at a time.

TikTok is Down

TikTok may be down, so you won’t see TikTok comments in videos. TikTok can sometimes go down due to routine maintenance or a problem with their server. This can lead to unexpected errors in the app, such as comments not showing.

In this scenario, you simply need to wait for TikTok to work properly again. After the server problem is fixed, you will be able to see comments on videos again.

TikTok has blocked you from commenting.

Another reason you might not be able to see TikTok comments is that your account may have been blocked within 24 hours. There could be many reasons for this.

Your account may be flagged if you make multiple comments on the same video within a short time frame. This could result in your account being blocked from commenting on videos for short periods.

These temporary blocks were put in place to stop others from using features in ways they weren’t meant to.

They have turned off comments.

It is important to ensure that comments are not removed from videos by the creator.

Sometimes creators block comments from their videos to stop anyone from leaving a comment. If you see a video with lots of engagement but not comments, check to see if they have disabled comments.

You can check the comments on other videos in your fyp for this. If they have comments, it is possible that they have disabled comments for this video.

There are no comments.

TikTok Comments Not Showing? Easy 14 Fixes Will Help You

You may not have seen comments on someone’s TikTok videos. Sometimes comments can take time to gather under a video, so you will have to wait if you want new comments. Sometimes there may not be any comments at all.

They blocked offensive comments.

You may not be able to see their comments because they could have blocked offensive comments.

TikTok allows users to remove vulgar words and comments. If you don’t like something they have removed from your comment, you won’t be able to see it.

Are you unable to see TikTok comments? These are the Fixes

Wait For TikTok To Go Back Up

If you notice that your TikTok comments don’t show up, the first thing you should do is wait for them to show up. Waiting for them will usually solve the problem. You could wait for them to show up or go back to the video several hours later.

Wait for them to come out with a fix.

You should wait for TikTok’s fix if you cannot see comments on TikTok. You may notice that comments load slowly. This is a sitewide problem that all users will experience. The old solution is to wait until TikTok fixes the bug.


TikTok videos have comments that you can see. To view them, visit tiktok.com. You can verify if TikTok’s website and app versions have the same issue by going to tiktok.com. Log in to tiktok.com and browse your fyp. Click on the comments when you see a video that interests you.

TikTok Update

The main cause of this problem is a bug. You can fix it by updating TikTok.

An update is released to fix a bug. Usually, bug fixes are listed in the features of any update. This update would correct the bug that caused TikTok to receive a lot of complaints from users about their accounts and photos being deleted.

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Close the app and then re-open it to get rid of bugs

To resolve the issue in TikTok, restart the app. You can remove bugs in the app system by restarting the app.

This is a simple first step, and I will let you know if the app has a serious issue. You can then open the app and verify that the problem is gone after you have closed it from the multitasking switch.

Delete TikTok

TikTok comments won’t load if you delete the app and reinstall it again. If the app has a bug that prevents your comments from loading, this will only work. Hold down on the app and press the x to delete it. Once you confirm your decision, click on the delete button.

Log out and then log back in.

Logging out of TikTok can help you get rid of bugs that could cause your TikTok comments to not load. Log out and log back in to check if comments are visible. If the comment does not appear, it means that something went wrong.

Poor Internet Connection

Comments loading up can be affected by a slow internet connection or mobile data. You can reset your WiFi to fix any issues that may be causing problems with comments.

If restarting your router doesn’t work, it could be a problem. If it does not work, it is possible to either restart the router or reset it.

Clear TikTok Cache

Next, you will need to delete the cache files from TikTok’s directory. Temporary files are stored in TikTok’s directory called cache files. They are used to speed up the loading of certain actions or perform the same action again.

You’ll notice a much smoother app after these files have been deleted. The best part is that clearing the cache can eliminate problems that might cause your comments to take too long to load.

Clearing the TikTok cache is basically the same thing as deleting apps, then installing them again and logging back in.

It deletes all files saved since the app was first installed. Clear TikTok’s cache

1. Open the Settings app for the iPhone

2. Go to the General

3. Visit iPhone Storage

4. Tap on TikTok

5. Tap on Delete App

Once you have done that, go back to TikTok to install the app again. Log back into the app to check if comments are visible after it has been installed.

Rewrite and Repost Your Comment

Your TikTok comments may not be showing because they were never posted. If you have commented on something that the user has blocked, it won’t show up in your comments, and you won’t be able to see it.

This will allow you to retype the comment and remove any words that you believe are blocked.

You can set up an automatic filter to block spam and offensive comments for creators. This will ensure that your comments don’t appear if you make a mistake.

Retyping comments and leaving genuine comments could result in the comment being published. Because of their spammy nature, even nice comments can be removed by their creators.

You can leave your comments in the space provided

This could cause you to be accused of spamming TikTok videos and comments with too many comments. Shadowbanning is another term for this practice. It can cause comments to be deleted from videos. P

You may have received the You’re commenting too fast error message if you spammed comments in an excessive amount of time. This message will be displayed if you exceed TikTok’s comment limit within a specified time frame.

This was done to combat spam comments, but users who leave genuine comments that don’t contain spam were notified by mistake. If you have received this error, it is best to take a break from commenting. This error can usually be fixed in 24 hours.

To post a TikTok comment, use a VPN

You might find it difficult to comment on your TikTok account or get the “Commenting too fast” error. This could indicate that your IP has been temporarily blocked. You could wait it out, but that could take as long as a day.

A VPN is a good option for temporary workarounds. A VPN can hide your IP address and make it appear that you are using a different device. Your other accounts might not be affected by the ban.

However, not all VPNs are able to lift the IP ban. You should be careful if you are using a free VPN that assigns an IP address to multiple devices and clients.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting your network settings will resolve any network issues that are causing TikTok comments to not load. Resetting your network settings will clear any settings that are related to a network. This could resolve the issue. Your settings will be restored to the original state they were before you got your device.

To reset your network settings:


  1. Go to Settings on your Android.
  2. Scroll down and choose General management or System
  3. Select Reset or Clear options by tapping the button
  4. Click on Reset network settings.

You will receive a confirmation. To confirm your decision, click on “Reset Network Settings” again. This will restart your device. Once it is back on, log back into TikTok to check if comments are slow loading.


  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Click on “Reset”
  4. Click on Reset Network Settings
  5. Get support from TikTok

Developers frequently release updated versions of their apps, which include bug fixes and new features. Check the App Store or Google Play Store to see if there is an update.

TikTok support should be contacted if you are still having trouble viewing your TikTok comments. Make sure to install any updates that are available for the program as soon as you can. This is often enough to fix the problem.

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