The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog 

The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog   

The style box in the UK fashion lifestyle blog

The top UK fashion and lifestyle blogs classified based on traffic followers on social networks, fans, website authority, and newness are selected from the thousands of blogs available on the internet.

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UK fashion lifestyle blog

1. Tess Montgomery

The blogger from London created the campaign #mindfluencing on Instagram to inspire and encourage her followers to become more attentive to social media. She also launched the one-item-per-month campaign to assist her to create an eco-friendly wardrobe.

The style box in the UK blog about fashion and lifestyle

Tess’ Instagram account features an amazing collection of photos with neural tones and many of her most stylish outfits. Her blog features posts on sustainable fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and other subjects.

It’s definitely a name to keep an eye on to see if you’re looking to begin your sustainable wardrobe! There are 269k Instagram followers, more than two thousand followers on Pinterest, and more than 1,000 YouTube followers.

2. Monikh dale

She is currently under the guidance of the best modeling agency. She also writes articles for the magazine Who Wear, contributes to Wardrobe Icon as a contributing beauty editor, and runs a website of her own.

The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog

Dale’s style is apparent in her Instagram posts, showing traditional clothes with a stylish twist. Her blog features writings on editing fashion eco-friendly clothes and fashion advice.

On Instagram, she has a following of 215 million users.

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3. Jayde Pierce

Pierce works with various fashion-related brands such as Asos and Asos, where she offers a collection of style edits. Reebok, Estee Lauder, Boots, Look Fantastic, and Spotify, among other brands, are among her clients.

Her Instagram page is an amazing collection of photos of her in the most elegant, monotone outfits. Pierce her daily routines, fashion tips, and tips for cosmetics can be accessible on YouTube.

On Instagram, there are 982 thousand followers. On YouTube, she has 398 thousand. On YouTube, there are 398 million viewers.

4. Alicia Roddy

Alicia Roddy is a British fashion blogger and YouTuber aged 26. She is focused on fashion and style.

Before she ventured into the fashion world, she was a sales, business management, and marketing student at Nottingham College in the United Kingdom.

The style box in the UK fashion lifestyle blog

Roddy’s Instagram bio has been updated to read, “me in various ensembles across various locations,” which could not be more accurate given the sheer number of beautiful clothes set against minimalist backgrounds.

She also collaborates with Misguide for a lookbook edit. She is also on LikeToKnowIt, an online social shopping platform that allows users to buy items they wear in a particular photo.

Alicia Roddy is well-known on social media. She has 1.3 million Instagram followers as well as 78.9 thousand YouTube users.

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5. Olivia & Alice

Twining is the best! Even though Olivia and Alice aren’t twins, it’s their thing, and a glance at their Instagram profile will reveal their perfectly coordinated ensembles and colorful appearances.

These sisters who live in London claim that they eat, sleep and live in fashion. In 2014, the sisters launched their own company called called ‘Amelia Jane London,’ which sells pom-pom bobble hats and hats and scarves.

The stylish entrepreneurs created their Instagram and blog together after establishing their businesses. They have had separate websites up to this point. However, it seemed appropriate to combine their Instagram forces, too.

We strongly recommend you check out the Instagram feed if you’re looking for new trends or are looking to dress more imaginatively.

6. THE 4 Of US

The 4 of Us is a lifestyle website created with three fashion models as friends who live, work, and are in love with London. Annabel is from the country of German, Zsanett is Hungarian, and Sara is Norwegian. It’s possible to ask how they got into this particular group. They have all been in the field of modeling since they were teens. Each one of them has a story to tell and stories to be able to share.

The style box UK blog about fashion and lifestyle

But their common passion for writing, modeling, photography, and fashion led them to create the blog.

What’s the deal with the blog’s title”THE 4 OF US however it’s only 3 awesome ladies? One of their buddies was planning to join the blog, but she decided to go to London at the last minute.

Annabel Her residence was within Germany, San Francisco, Australia, and London at various times in her life. She was in the field of marketing times. She is now pursuing careers in the fields of film and the arts after moving to London. In addition, she’s a part of FEMALE NARRATIVES, a women-only independent creative collective, and a design agency.

Zsanett: In her native Hungary, she began modeling. She was offered the chance for a trip to Asia and lived there for six years, moving from one city one to another. After that, Zsanett moved to London to pursue her modeling dreams in her native UK market. Models from MOT are used to depict Zsanett.

The style box in the UK fashion lifestyle blog

Sara’s Auntie Sara was an actress and was her model right from the beginning. Hence, she inherited the model genes of her mom. Then she relocated to London because of her boyfriend and the possibility of a career of a musician. Sara is currently a full-time model in London. She hopes to become an entrepreneur and has an associate’s master’s degree in administration of the business of Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

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