The Secret Bedroom of a Dejected Royal Daughter Spoilers

The Secret Bedroom of a Dejected Royal Daughter Spoilers

What would you do if I told your that the secret bedroom of a royal daughter who is dejected was not secret? Her scheming father set it up to punish his daughter for trying to flee from him and marry someone he loved.

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Spoilers from the Secret Bedroom of a Dejected Royal Daughter

Have you finished Sophie Barnes’s spoilers novel The Secret Bedroom of a Deluded Royal Daughter? Stop reading this post if you have not. Warning! This story is about Anna Belle, a young Princess who is forced to marry someone that she does not love for the greater good.

She becomes depressed when she learns that her husband was killed in action before they can consummate their marriage. Everything changes when Anna Belle meets Drago, a handsome rehab man, and falls in love with him.

They return to the castle, and he is made king. But he does his best to make Anna Belle smile again. Anna Belle agrees to have children with her mother, but she is forced to do so by her mom. She is certain that something is wrong, but she will not admit it until it’s too late.

What if I said that the secret bedroom of a royal daughter who is dejected was actually a trap created by her manipulative father? He was determined to destroy his daughter’s life, and stop any rivals from taking control after he died. Learn more about book one in my series, The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter Novels. Revenge is best served with style

The secret bedroom of a royal daughter who is dejected spoilers

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Why would anyone want to keep their son from his own wife?

Victoria was 18 when she became Queen, but Albert, her childhood sweetheart, died in 1861 from Typhoid fever. They had 10 children, but most of them were raised apart from Victoria in order to allow their mother to grieve. Victoria experienced severe mood swings. She would sometimes want to spend weeks with her children, while other times she would lock herself away in her own apartment for days.

How did the King come up with such a clever plan?

He met an old witch many years ago. This was before he became king and before his oldest daughter was born. Because he didn’t believe she was a threat to him, he went to her without guards. He realized what she did the next day when he awoke after a long nap. He told her how she could create the perfect world for him, but only if someone close to him was willing to be sacrificed in order to make it happen. The secret bedroom of a royal daughter who is dejected becomes another part of the long-held plan to retaliate.

Poor little Prince and Princess

Onyx is very fortunate to have a father who believes in him, and offers him every chance. It would be so horrible if your parents didn’t love you and wanted the best for you. It’s almost as if they are waiting for their death to see how bad things turn out. It’s a good thing it doesn’t get that far, but what will Onyx do if he discovers he’s going inherit all of this pain? He will probably go to the secret bedroom of his dejected royal daughters spoilers novel, and then disappear from our lives.

The secret bedroom of a royal daughter who is dejected spoilers

Why did she sleep in there?

It’s wonderful when authors don’t simply describe their work as magic or spells, but also include the details that make it even more magical. In Sophie Jordan’s latest book THE ROYAL CHASE, one tiny detail was that Princess Shira must sleep in her secret bedroom because she can’t bear to be away from her family. (spoilers). It is easy to assume this detail applies only to one character.

And what about her siblings?

The novel, The secret bedroom of a dejected princess daughter spoilers the Glass Princess, reveals that Demerara’s bedroom is actually a trap. Here’s what happens. Warning! Demerara finds an old wall painting and pulls it aside, revealing two masks. Two people suddenly enter her bedroom. Two people enter her room: a man and a woman.

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