The Magic Box Carplay Review

Magic Box Carplay review

The Magic Box Carplay Review: No need to install the Smart AI Android Box CarPlay USB Box to OEM CarPlay Systems YouTube Netflix Mirroring Display for Phones on the Car Screen Entrance Module

Enjoy anything you want from your preferred streaming platform on your car’s screen. Simply connect the Magic Box to any CarPlay device, and you can immediately enjoy it!

High performance: It is designed to deliver lightning-fast streaming that has zero loading time. Dual WiFi is enabled to give you seamless viewing.

No subscription fees: You will have instant access to all one of the streaming applications. Already have plenty of subscriptions; gain lifetime access with only one purchase!

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The Magic Box Carplay Review

Magic Box Carplay review


  • Your car should be fitted with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • A WiFi signal must be present to access. This could be via your office or home or a vehicle-connected hotspot.
  • DO NOT USE WHILE VEHICLE is in motion.


  • No monthly subscription costs!
  • Fast streaming with no loading time
  • Dual WiFi is enabled to give you an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Works with any vehicle by CarPlay as well as Andriod Auto
  • It’s easy to set up within less than three minutes. Its sleek design allows it to store away near USB ports.
  • Compatible works with iPhone Android devices!

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Magic Box Carplay review | After Using One Month

Get a Magic Box and never have another boring experience in your vehicle. You can stop watching videos on your phone as you wait and stream directly onto your car’s display screen.

Brand: Car Integration

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, USB

Dimensions of the item LxWxH: 4.09 x 2.56 3.09 x 2.56 0.87 inches

About this item

Magic Box Carplay review
  • Functions on the original car’s built-in CarPlay function.
  • Plug and play USB
  • Android 9.0 Connect to WiFi/hotspot to connect to the network
  • Assistance Youtube, Netflix, Google Play store…
  • New 4GB RAM + 32GB of ROM

Note: Products that have electrical plugs are intended to be used by people in the US. Voltage and outlets differ across countries, and this item may need an adapter or converter to the use at your destination. Check compatibility prior to purchasing.

Is the installation of CarPlay worth the cost?

You don’t need Apple CarPlay or any other entertainment system for your car. Americans drove cars for over 100 years without this feature. However, we would suggest CarPlay or the equivalent Android Auto system for most drivers.

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Are you able to watch Netflix using CarPlay?

It is not possible to watch Netflix through Apple CarPlay. This is due to the fact that Apple does not permit certain visually-oriented apps like Netflix to be included in the default configuration of CarPlay and is most likely to keep drivers from being distracted.

However, with third-party applications like WheelPal, you can use Netflix and other video applications while driving.

Does it Play Videos While The Vehicle is in Motion?

Yes, it can work when in motion; however, to ensure safety and for legal reasons, it is best to utilize the Magic Box while the vehicle is in a safe place. (Please verify the local laws prior to making use of).

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