The Finest Blogs In Canada That You Should Follow

The Finest Blogs In Canada That You Should Follow

Finding Canadian money bloggers and influencers to follow to stay motivated about money management can be challenging. 

So, to assist you to get more control over your finances and financial destiny, we’ve identified some fantastic Canadians who are willing to offer their ideas and methods. Just a short disclaimer: 

This article on the blog does not represent advice in the areas of finance, investments, taxes, law, or accounting, nor does it represent an offer or a solicitation to purchase or sell any of the securities mentioned.

Million Dollar Journey

In addition to motivating me to abandon my Investor’s Group Mutual Fund in favor of DIY investing, Frugal Trader’s finance blog prompted me to launch my blog in 2009. His innovative personal finance writing has served as an inspiration to many other Canadian bloggers. 

The “Greatest of All Time” is him. The comprehensive personal finance content on Million Dollar Journey, which spans over 15 years and has a Canadian accent, is quite informative (this blog has been around since 2006). 

The “Godfather” of Canadian personal finance blogs, Frugal Trader is a true Canadian financial sage. He founded the first “millionaire Canada blog.”

Mint Worthy

This Canadian personal finance blog, which focuses especially on women, aims to erase the stigma associated with discussing money. 

Vanessa Bowen has experience as a CPA and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and she also has the skills and attitude coaching to help you get through it all. 

She made the connection between her own ability to pursue her dreams and being financially free, and she couldn’t help but share that experience. She provides what she terms “holistic” coaching, fusing real talk with financial literacy to alter your financial reality. 

For example, to teach you how to navigate the financial market, because now the number of securities trades has decreased significantly, according to the Bank of Canada. 

On her finance website and blog, Vanessa covers a wide range of topics, including budgeting (which is a huge focus), debt reduction (don’t forget that if you need money urgently, you can take out a payday loan Canada to cover temporary financial difficulties), accumulating emergency funds, and setting and achieving financial goals.

Money We Have

Barry Choi created The Money We Have blog in 2014. The blog mostly focuses on personal finance and how it relates to travel. Their objective is to assist Canadians and international travelers in making wiser financial decisions. 

Money We Have has emerged as one of the most reliable sources of travel given that it is significant to many Canadians. 

Barry is honest about the fact that he had no idea what he was doing when he first started investing. He claimed that the fees were excessively exorbitant and that his advisor wasn’t making sensible investment recommendations. 

Barry chose to educate himself after deciding to sack the advisor.

Boomer and Echo

A Canadian personal finance blog with a distinctive viewpoint is called Boomer and Echo. Boomer and Echo is a Canadian blog written from the perspectives of the Boomer generation (Mrs. Engen) and the Echo generation (Robb Engen, Boomer’s son in his mid-to-late-30s). 

But for the last few years, I believe Robb has been posting the majority of the time. Robb and his wife reside in Lethbridge, Alberta, and have two daughters. 

Robb set a goal to accumulate a $1 million net worth by 2020, which he has now achieved. You can read his 2021 year-end evaluation here, where he is currently sitting at a $1.3 million net worth. 

We can see the net worth dynamics from 2019 to 2021 in the table below.

Net Worth Update: 2021 Year-End Review

 202120202019% Change  
Chequing account$5,000$5,000$1,500  
Savings account$65,000$65,000$35,000  
Defined benefit pension$224,054  
Corporate investment account$207,003$109,28189.42%  
Principal Residence$459,000$459,000$459,000  
Total assets$1,474,122$1,200,200$1,030,16122.82%  
Total debt$172,161$187,059$201,665-7.96%  
Net worth$1,301,961$1,013,141$828,49628.51%  


Robb offers objective financial advice to individuals and couples in need of a financial makeover as a fee-only financial advisor.

Jessica Moorhouse

Money expert Jessica Moorhouse is a certified financial counselor in Canada. Jessica started the Millennial Money Meetup group and has a podcast called More Money in addition to her blog. 

Considering that she began her adventure at the age of 15, this money guru has a wealth of knowledge regarding financial literacy. Jessica started her blog in 2011, but it has since expanded to become much more. 

Jessica does have a blog, although it’s not particularly large. However, the material she creates offers insightful commentary on her own experiences and guidance. 

She also offers numerous useful tools, such as a library of free resources, that you can use.

Liquid Independence

Vancouver-born Liquid Independence of The Freedom 35 Blog has a distinctive approach to investing. To achieve financial freedom, he makes investments in peer-to-peer lending, farms, and other areas. 

He also doesn’t hesitate to use borrowed money to make investments. He has never made six figures in pay, yet despite this, he has a $1.5 million net worth as of 2022, proving that you don’t need a big income to amass wealth if you invest your money wisely. 

He recently joined the 7 figure net worth club, notable in 2020, and did so at the age of 32, three years ahead of schedule, all the while making little more than $80,000 at his day job.

My Advisor

Like many young people, Mark Seed, the advisor for My Advisor, was informed that investing was one of the best ways to generate wealth. So he began investing while he was in his 20s. 

He took matters into his own hands after learning how much his bank was him in money management fees. He read everything he could get his hands on to build a $1 million investment portfolio, which he eventually completed at the age of 40. 

From fundamentals of investing to specialized stock and trading advice, Seed offers it all. 

This Canadian investment blog is a wonderful place to start if your objective is expanding your portfolio and learning to invest for wealth building.


The majority of these personal finance blogs in Canada have been operating for a while and are considered “old timers” in the Canadian personal finance blogosphere. 

Some of them have a characteristic that would allow you to categorize them as FIRE blogs.

That represents probably more than 50 years’ worth of Canadian personal finance blogging experience all in one place. If you follow them, you’ll be motivated to achieve financial independence in Canada as well.

Chris Evan was born in Dubai and raised in Montreal. He studied Computer Science and was so pleased with computer languages. He began writing after obsessing over technology.

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