Temedica Raised an Additional EUR25M as part of Series B Capital

Temedica Raised an Additional EUR25M as part of Series B Capital

Temedica, an Munich, Germany-based health insight company, has raised EUR25M through Series B financing.

It brought the total amount raised to EUR42m and was led by MIG Capital and a family office in Munich.

The company is planning to utilize these funds to expand the reach of its platform, which gives a comprehensive view of the healthcare needs and experiences of millions of people through the integration of health-related data and its research and development efforts.

The company is led by its CEO and Founder, Gloria Seibert; Temedica is a company that provides health information, and’s goal is to facilitate individualized and customized healthcare with a focus on the patient’s requirements. Temedica achieves this by connecting health-related data from different sources. These are processed to provide insights to comply with the GDPR.

From over forty billion information points from more than 50,000 diagnoses, Temedica collects health-related data concerning issues like disease progression, treatment effectiveness, patient journeys, and medication adherence. The data collection platform combines information from various sources, including registry information, sales data for health-related products and services, insurance information, patient experience data, and – with explicit consent – the patients’ data generated by apps that aid patients.

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The information gained from connected data provides tangible value to all parties involved within the healthcare system: patients, health professionals, clinics, research institutes as well as biotech and pharmaceutical businesses, as well as pharmacies.

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