TandemAI Raises $25M Seed & Pre-Series A Financing

TandemAI Raises $25M Seed & Pre-Series A Financing

TandemAI is a Suzhou, Shangai, Chinese-based company that offers an advanced computational platform that speeds up the development and optimization of drug candidates. Design and development of drugs secured $25m through Pre-Series A and Seed funding.

OrbiMed and Chengwei Capital funded it. Alongside the funding, David Wang, MD, Ph.D., the Senior Managing Director and Partner at OrbiMed, is joining the TandemAI Board of Directors.

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TandemAI Raises $25M Seed & Pre-Series A Financing

The company plans to utilize the funds to expand its proprietary computational platform and the expansion of its wet lab operation.

The company will combine its computational system with labs that use wet for medicinal chemistry, biophysics, and biology to speed up the development and optimization of drug candidates. Design as well as optimization drugs for its partners.

The company is led by Jeff He, MBA, co-founder, CEO, and co-founder. TandemAI is a cutting-edge technology company committed to integrating its proprietary AI-driven high-performance computation coupled with massive in-house wet laboratory operations to offer a comprehensive drug discovery system. The company has developed its networked platform right from the beginning in China to improve the speed of drug discovery and provide efficient possibilities to partners and the worldwide scientific community.

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Mr. Jeff is a veteran with over twenty years of experience in management positions at companies such as the most recent one, HiFiBiO, which he was a part of as COO and co-founder, and Harbour BioMed, where he was a co-founder and CFO.

Wei Tang, Ph.D. TandemAI’s COO before that, the CFO of Shanghai ChemPartner, and a member of the director’s board. Before joining ChemPartner, he worked for Merck in various senior research positions, including his current post as a senior investigator with the distinction of Distinguished Senior Investigator.

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