Solved Razer Synapse Does Not Open on Windows 10

Razer Synapse does not open on Windows 10

Connecting hardware components with LED strips and RGB lights and LED strips to your PC is an exciting experience and is a trend that is growing. Modifying the performance of your PC and peripheral profile according to your preferences will give you a sense of satisfaction and helps make your PC that stands out from ordinary computers.

Razer Synapse can be described as a program that acts as an interface that lets you set up different features and functions of the Razer PC. Utilizing Synapse, you can manage every aspect of the PC components, such as fan speed and lightning to driver updates saved in the cloud to save the settings.

With all the luxuries you can control, It’s a pain to face a problem that Razer Synapse cannot run on the Windows PC. All software comes with its flaws; however, it’s rare to come across one with zero bugs, aren’t we? Razer Synapse closing is just one of the issues you could have to deal with using Razer Synapse. Razer tool.

This article will discuss what causes Razer Synapse does not open on Windows 10 and offer a step-by-step procedure for fixing this issue.

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What’s the problem Razer Synapse does not open on Windows 10?

Solved Razer Synapse Does Not Open on Windows 10

Razer Synapse that isn’t starting maybe because a key Razer device driver is failing. This could result from the damaged or missing file within the directory for installation. Windows firewalls may block the Synapse program from running and running.

It’s hard to determine the exact root of the issue. It could be due to an issue with the driver, bugs in the application, completion of installation, crucial application files missing or security software blocking access to the program requiring the most recent .net framework updates, or the DLL file is not present.

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It was noticed that different users had various symptoms related to the Synapse beginning issue.

  • Some say they’ve been told that the Razer Synapse application does not launch on their computers.
  • Other claims state that the app is running in the background, but users can’t use it on their screens.
  • The application may start but then crashes after it pops onto the screen.

If Razer Synapse cannot start, you should receive an error message saying ” fail to start“, like the one below.

Note Failure to start the application does not mean damaged hardware components or connections. Keep them as they are; however, ensure that all connections are orderly.

Solutions to resolve Razer Synapse not opening issue

Reinstall Razer Synapse Application

Solved Razer Synapse Does Not Open on Windows 10

One of the primary reasons that Razer Synapse 3 isn’t opening windows 10 maybe because the program cannot access critical files. This could be due to an insufficient installation process or files that have been infected with viruses ( look up how to remove viruses with cmd), or any other software may fail during the installation process of Razer Synapse.

The most effective way to prevent this is by installing Razer Synapse on your computer. Follow the steps below to learn how you can download and install Razer Synapse.

Before installing it again, remove Synapse thoroughly and clean all of the associated residual files. You may need to utilize tools such as IObit and Geek Uninstaller.

To start reinstalling, Download Razer Synapse from Razer Synapse’s website of the official developer. Below, I’ve provided the links for quick downloads of three versions of Synapse (all hyperlinks originate from official websites).

Once the download is complete, follow these steps:

  • Start the executable.
  • The executable will extract and sort all of the necessary documents before bringing you to the window for installation.
  • You must sign the Razer end-user license prior to beginning.
  • After the licensing has been approved, the installation process begins.
  • Allow the installation time to complete, then click close and quit the installation wizard.

After installing Razer Synapse, open the application for a second time and check whether it solved the problem or did not. If not, you can proceed to the next step.

Reinstall Razer Device Drivers: The program may not begin if there’s a problem with the Razer driver for the device. Therefore, you must restart the device drivers and also.


Steps for reinstalling Razer device drivers:

  • Find Device manager On your Windows search bar, launch it on your Windows search bar, and then start. Then, expand the following:
    • Mice and other devices for pointing.
    • Keywords.
    • Human interface devices.
  • Right-click on Razer devices that fall under these categories, and then select the option to uninstall the device in the menu that appears.
  • You might see the ” Delete the driver software for this device” option in the dialogue box for uninstall. If this happens, make sure you check it.
  • Click on to uninstall.
  • Unplug all Razer elements from the computer and then reboot the PC. After the PC has restarted, connect all Razer peripherals back to your system.

Windows will automatically recognize its Razer components and begin downloading the driver. You can do this manually in Windows update and device manager too.

Once windows have completed installing the necessary drivers, test your Razer Synapse to determine if it is opening properly or it is not. If it is still not working, continue with the following steps.

Uninstall Razer Surround

Solved Razer Synapse Does Not Open on Windows 10

Razer Synapse usually displays an update notification if your computer connects to the Internet. Alongside the popup, it offers a recommendation that you install the Razer Surround.

If you have Razer surround running on your system could result in conflicts with Synapse and cause the Razer Synapse not to open. Therefore, it is better to avoid installing Razer surround and be sure that you remove the recommended settings.

Remove Razer Surround off the personal computer if you are using Razer Surround.

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  • You can either search on the Internet for ” Add or remove programs” or start the RUN dialogue box and enter “appwiz.cpl” to check the list of programs installed on your computer.
  • Select and locate Razer surround, and then select uninstall to remove it from your operating system.
  • After removing the Razer surround, try your Synapse application again to determine if this helps.

NOTE: If you cannot locate Razer surround on the listing of install programs, do not bother with this step.

Clear temporary files that are related to Razer Synapse

The software creates tempo files for their personal use. They can be stored on your system long after the program has finished its task.

The files may later cause problems for the software (although it’s not a common occurrence), and it’s best to clean them out periodically. Follow this tutorial for how to remove temporary files with commands.

Follow these steps to clean temporary files with the help of RUN

  • The RUN dialogue box is open, and enter %temp% there, then click “OK.
  • You will arrive at the temp folder at this address C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp
  • Press CTRL + A to highlight all files in the temp folder, and then click delete.

It’s possible to not delete all of the files, as Windows can’t prevent you from eliminating temporary files currently in use as a security safeguard.

After removing those temp files, run your Razer Synapse application to see whether the issue continues. If Synapse is not able to open, proceed on to step.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework

Razer Synapse asks to install the Microsoft .NET framework to improve efficiency. Apart from being a framework for shared code, the .NET framework also serves as an environment for running the application.

Therefore, having the most recent .NET framework on your system is highly recommended. The absence of the framework could cause Razer Synapse not to open properly.

Download the most recent version of the .NET framework from the official site.

You may be using an old version of the .NET framework. You may require updating to the most recent version of Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse program.

Remove your antivirus and run a test Razer Synapse.

Antivirus software may be unable to begin Razer Synapse, whether it’s windows defender or third party software. Antivirus programs can transfer files from their primary location to their vault directory to find anything suspicious or harmful.

When your security program has removed or quarantined any file in your Razer Synapse installation directory, it could block the application’s startup.

To turn off antivirus (if you’re employing Windows Security), open Windows Defender and select the threat and virus protection. You can then disable real-time protection and similar available options.

If you use other antiviruses, like Avast, Norton, and Kaspersky, you must select the quick deactivate antivirus option from the context menu.

It is possible to determine if your antivirus software is blocking Synapse from running by disabling the antivirus program and then reinstalling and test run Synapse.

If Razer Synapse is still not open, it is a sign that the issue is elsewhere, and you should proceed through the steps.

Deactivate Windows isolation at the core

Windows 10 2018’s April update introduced memory integrity and core isolation. If it is enabled, the Core isolation function is activated. Windows creates a secure space in the system memory by using virtualization technology, allowing Windows to run the Windows system process and security software.

It functions as a protective layer protecting the system from malware and virus attacks. Unfortunately, enabling isolation of the core can trigger the Razer Synapse not opening problem.

To verify this, you cannot disable Windows security’s core isolation feature. This you can access under Windows Security device security, click the core isolation information, then select disable the memory integrity feature.

After turning off ” memory integrity“, Try using the Razer Synapse. If it does not help, then switch off the firewall in Windows.

Switch off the firewall in windows.

Windows Defender firewalls can trigger problems with a startup or freezing Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse program. Therefore, turning off the firewall could fix Razer Synapse not opening problem.

To disable the Windows Defender firewall:

  • Use the keys Windows + R Windows + R to open the dialogue box RUN.
  • Type firewall.cpl in the Run dialogue box and then select OK in the Run dialogue box.
  • Windows firewall windows will appear, and you must click ” t turn windows defender on or off” on the left side.
  • Verify that you switch off the Windows Defender Firewall for private and public networks.

Note: Disabling windows defender isn’t recommended if you’re still active on the web. This is only to help troubleshoot using the Synapse software, but not for resolving problems. It doesn’t matter if it works or not; disable windows defender.

Shutdown Razer Background Process

Stopping this Razer background process before starting Razer Synapse on Windows 10. Sometimes, a background process might prevent you from starting an additional instance in the application; therefore, shutting them down can aid.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift plus ESC to access your task manager.
  • Choose any Razer process in the background processes section, and then click the close process from the context menu.
  • After closing the background processes, you can open Razer Synapse as an administrator and check if this fixes the Synapse failing to start.

Make sure to check for windows updates.

If you cannot get it working, then a Windows update could help resolve the Razer Synapse starting error. Windows releases updates regularly for various security improvements as well as general fixes.

The windows 10 update process is typically auto-pilot, but If you’ve changed the setting for updating, the process could require manual action. To verify if windows have been updated:

  • Look up ” update” in the Windows search bar and click to check for updates from the search results.
  • Windows update windows will be displayed. If your Windows is not up-to-date, click the check for updates button.
  • Download the latest updates available.
  • Restart your computer and then start the application to check whether the update fixed the Razer Synapse isn’t opening issue.

But you can’t get Razer Synapse running on your PC?

These are the most efficient methods to resolve problems with the Razer Synapse not opening error in Windows 10. If none of them works, you can try restarting your PC and then try it on a different computer with an identical operating system if it is available.

If the program works on another computer running an OS version that is different, this could mean that your OS may be having compatibility issues with the application. Try asking for assistance by contacting your Razer support team as well.

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