Best Small Business Grants Virginia

Small Business Grants Virginia

More than $12,670.00 million in grant funds and funds from local governments amount to $8,970.00 million, the bulk of federal budget grants and loans is allocated to the business sector each year, as small as well as large corporations are the backbone of the economic development in Virginia. There are 150,125 establishments in the business sector within Virginia. Virginia, which breaks down into:

Virginia Business Sector Broken down by Size:

  • The 87,765 businesses registered in Virginia have comprised of 0 to 4 employees. Home-based workers in sole proprietorships are part of this list.
  • 25737 registered businesses in Virginia include 5 to 9 employees.
  • 16,188 businesses that are registered in Virginia employ between 10 and 19 employees.
  • 13,712 businesses registered in Virginia have between 20 and 99 employees.
  • 346 registered businesses in Virginia include between 100 and 499 employees.
  • More than 3,262 registered businesses in Virginia have more than 500 employees.

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Virginia Business Sector Disruption within Service Industries:

  • 27.539 registered companies in Virginia are located in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sectors.
  • 10,629 registered companies in Virginia comprise the Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services sectors.
  • 15982 registered companies in Virginia are part of the Accommodation and Food Services sector.
  • More than 21,317 registered companies in Virginia are service-oriented businesses, however, they do not belong to the categories above.

If you’re working in the agricultural sector, you might also be eligible to apply for small-business grants. There are over 47,000 farms located in Virginia.

Beginning and running a small-scale business in Virginia isn’t an easy job. More than $137,138,000,000.00 US dollars are paid to payroll and salaries of employees within the State of Virginia, and over 37,760 businesses file for bankruptcy each year. While the federal government doesn’t make public grants available for the start-up or expanding a business in Virginia, certain small-scale business grants are offered to entrepreneurs to help them start and expand their business Grant recipients are not required to repay the funds from the government. It is, therefore, logical to investigate small business grants as one option to finance your business.

For business grants to businesses in Virginia, Contact Virginia Financial Aid agencies.

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