Shantaram Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Defined

Shantaram Episode 4 Recap and Ending

This is the fourth installment of Apple TV+’s show drama “Shantaram,” called ‘Bad Medicine is about Lindsay “Lin” Ford’s efforts to save Sonam an old lady who seeks his help suffering from a fatal disease. After realizing that she will be dead without medicine, Lin tries his best to find the identical. 

Abdel Khader Khan AKA Khaderbhai continues to pursue his plans to construct high-rises within Sagar Wada, only to discover there is a Walid Shah, AKA Walidbhai had already taken the necessary steps to manage the city’s slum. The show concludes with a pivotal choice Lin takes regarding his future. Here’s our complete review of the episode! Warning: There are spoilers ahead.

Shantaram Episode 4: Recap

“Bad Medicine” begins by Karla Saaranen meeting with the possible Land Minister to talk about Khaderbhai’s plan construct towers at Sagar Wada. Walidbhai disrupts the discussion to let Karla be aware that the area is in his hands. Lin continues to take care of the patients who are in his house in Sagar Wada and sends some patients into a hospital nearby because the hospital doesn’t have enough equipment to treat patients. If the hospital isn’t able to treat Sonam Lin, he brings the old lady to the doctor who takes them away as Lin decides to not give him any kind of bribe. Lisa Carter is staying with Sebastian Modena following her departure. leaving Karla’s place.

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Lisa says to Modena she has to locate her own home to call home. Modena admits his love toward Lisa to her, and she says she’s not in a position to be loved by anyone, not even herself. If Modena notices that she is sitting in a chair with a syringe and some drugs she advises her to use the drug if it can help her. Lisa insists for Modena that he must not be with her if he wishes to establish an alliance with her because she’s committing suicide with the actions she’s taking of her own free will. Lisa is also a part of Modena and Maurizio to conclude an illegal deal. Karla meets her and inquires about her wellbeing and health, only to have Lisa disapprove of her as not believing in her.

Karla is greeted by Lin in Sagar Wada and asks him why he’s helping the slum dwellers instead of going back to Bombay. Lin informs her that he will return the kindness he earned from the slums. He also explains that he has a duty to help them as he was the one responsible for the fire, though unintentionally and caused the death of Lakshmi. Lin talks to Khaderbhai and pleads for his assistance to obtain medicines. Abdullah Taheri, Khaderbhai’s righthand man, brings the man to Aunt Ruby the trader who deals with medicine. Because Lin isn’t able to pay for her services her only provides him with an insignificant amount of medicine, but enough to keep Sonam from a gruesome death.

Shantaram Episode 4 is ending: Do Lin join Khaberbhai’s Gang? Why?

While Lin manages to get to Ruby’s demands, the huge sum she wants leaves Lin without a way to buy enough items. After learning of Lin placing his life at risk to save Abdullah Khaderbhai purchases everything Lin would like and delivers the same to Lin. In accepting the items, Lin strikes a “deal with the devil” which makes him member of Khaderbhai’s gang. Even though Lin initially declares to the gangster that He doesn’t wish to be part of what Khaderbhai does, the Australian has no choice because Khaderbhai believes he’s suitable to join his group.

Although Lin is aware that the package of items Khaderbhai gives him as an invite to be part of the band, he accepts the invitation without being able to resist. After two times meeting Khaderbhai and learning about Rujul Aadekar’s murder, Lin must have realized that whatever the criminal will want, he will get regardless of whether the latter desires him. Furthermore, Lin most likely realizes that he cannot create walls over his life to safeguard himself. All the events that have affected Lin’s life, whether that’s his Australian police officer’s death which caused him to be in the prison or the meeting in the presence of Madame Zhou which is what leads Lin into Sagar Wada, happened or is happening without having planned or anticipating.

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After these experiences, Lin must have realized that he is unable to change his story through “wanting” specific situations or events. Lin has finally accepted the fact that destiny is inevitable. He is also beginning to experience satisfaction in his relationship with Khaderbhai, one of the top people in the big Indian city. Lin may find the bond he develops with Khaderbhai as Lin hasn’t had a similar connection with anyone in quite some time. Being part of Khaderbhai’s gang is Lin’s strategy to find the feeling of belonging and to escape the loneliness that ails him.

What is the reason Rafiq Wants to Kill Abdullah?

If Abdullah, as well as Lin, returned to Aunt Ruby with their supplies to Sonam, Rafiq, one of the men of Walidbhai, tries to kill Lin. While Abdullah thinks that the incident is an outcome of the conflict between the two bosses, it could be much more in particular because of their bosses’ efforts to take on the one. Walidbhai is aware that he needs to make Sagar Wada from Khaderbhai using his power , not buy it from an official. The only way to achieve this is to make Khaderbhai recognize the power’s importance. By killing Abdullah is, in all likelihood, the best method to achieve this.

If Walidbhai succeeds in killing Abdullah and kill Abdullah, it could be interpreted as a declaration of his authority over Khaderbhai. This will draw the men of Khaderbhai to the camp of Walidbhai. He is aware that a shift in the loyalties of powerful people will bring the end of Khaderbhai’s rule as the chief of Bombay that is vital to Walidbhai’s ability to control Sagar Wada. Therefore, Walidbhai could have given the order to Rafiq to murder Abdullah in order to deliver an ultimatum to Khaderbhai.

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