How To Get Sentry Lantern Elden Ring

Sentry Lantern Elden Ring

Sentry’s Torch is a Torch in Elden Ring. The Sentry’s Torch uses Strength (Dexterity) and Faith as its primary ingredients. It is useful for lighting dark areas. It is not recommended to be used in a player’s offhand as it isn’t suited for use as a weapon.

Protectors of Erdtree receive a torch. Its flames are endowed with a special spell that allows the bearer of the torch to see assassins covered in veils. Furnished on behalf of both the Erdtree Lord and the Grace–Given Lord so that a Night of Black Knives does not happen again.


The Sentry’s torch weapon can be found in the following locations:

  • runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 Runes may be purchased at Hermit Merchant, Hermit Merchant’s Shack. 

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  • Weapon Skill: Torch Attack
  • This weapon cannot contain Ashes of War
  • Sentry’s Tomb can also be upgraded with Sombersmithing Steins
  • It allows the player the ability to see enemies otherwise invisible. To accomplish this, you do not need to meet the state requirements.
    • You can also carry it in your other hand, activating two-handed weapons mode for the right-hand weapon. This will put the torch on your character’s shoulders. (The torch will be visible hanging from your character’s back). The “reveal concealed” ability of the torch will still work.
    • You can identify players who have used Concealing Veil.
    • This does NOT reveal invisible floors, invisible walkways, or illusionary walls. The exception is the Sage’s Cave. The reason why the Torch works in this dungeon, and not elsewhere, is not known.
    • This does NOT reveal hidden Teardrop Scabs.
    • For the “reveal secret” ability to work, you do not need to raise the torch (the default is to hold the left bumper of a controller).
  • Sell Value: er runes 13 200
  • This is especially important against the Assassins in Ordina’s Evergaol. These assassins are often invisible and so are more difficult to deal with.
  • CHANGE 1.05: Fixed a bug causing slowdowns when the “Sentry’s Torch” weapon had been equipped in certain circumstances.

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