Screen Mirroring Netflix: How to Fix Black Display

Screen Mirroring Netflix

Is your TV screen mirroring Netflix on your phone?

You can stream Netflix from a second screen if both devices are connected to the same network. Otherwise, you’ll see a Black screen.

Are you sure that your Netflix is up-to-date? Screen sharing will not work if your app is out of date. Also, make sure that both devices are logged into the same Netflix account.

This guide will explain why screen sharing does not work on Netflix and how to Screen Mirroring Netflix. It also explains how to fix it in six simple steps so that you can stream your favourite shows on a large screen.

What is Purpose of Black Screen in Screen Mirroring Netflix?

Screen Mirroring Netflix: How to Fix Black Display

Why is my screen black when mirroring?

If you screen mirror from a device connected to the same network as your TV, you will see a black screen with no video. You will need to pair your smart devices under the same internet in order to share your screen.

You could experience a Black display on the second screen if your devices are connected to the exact same network connection.

Reason 1.

Screen Mirroring Netflix: How to Fix Black Display

The latest operating system must be installed on your tablet or mobile device.

Screen mirroring on Netflix will not work if your device meets the minimum requirements to allow it to screen share the app onto TV.

Mobile Minimum Operating System

Android OS 2.3

Android Tablets OS 3.0

Apple iOS 6.0

Reason 2. Multicast disabled

For screen mirroring to occur, your device must be capable of performing a multicast.

If you try to screen-share Netflix from a device which does not support this feature, your video won’t be displayed.

Reason 3. The Netflix app needs to be updated

Screen Mirroring Netflix: How to Fix Black Display

Your smart TV’s Netflix app may also need to be updated.

Screen mirroring has been available on most devices since 2014. The function might not work if you’re trying to screen-share on an older model.

Reason 4. Reason 4. Netflix account profiles can be different

To screen mirror, you must log in to the same Netflix account as the device you are using.

Screen sharing won’t work if your tablet or mobile is on a different profile.

Reason 5. Issue with Chromecast

Your Chromecast might not be able to screen-mirror Netflix via Chromecast. Or the device may need to be refreshed. If the cast icon appears on your screen, this is an indication that Chromecast is not working.

Reason 6. TV display error

Screen sharing is not possible if there is an issue with the TV’s display. Your device’s functionality can be affected by a damaged or defective cable.

How can I fix Netflix’s Black screen mirroring?

How to stop Netflix black screen when mirroring

Screen mirroring is a way to fix the problem if your video does not appear on Netflix. Make sure that the two devices are connected to the same network. Make sure your tablet or mobile is connected to the same wifi network as your TV. You will need to connect to one of them if they are not on the same wifi network.

Fun Fact: Ever wondered how Netflix was created? Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, was charged by Blockbuster in 1997 for the late return of Apollo 13’s VHS tape. Later, Netflix was launched ).

Netflix will display the video you have selected once your devices are connected to the same network. Is there no video on your screen, or are you experiencing an error? These steps will fix the problem if you are still experiencing no video on your screen.

Fix 1.

To ensure that the screen mirroring function works on your device, you need to update the operating system.

As this will ensure that the connections between the platforms are successful, both platforms will need to have the most recent software versions.

Upgrading your operating system will increase your device’s performance and eliminate any files that could be interfering with the Netflix video display.

Fix 2.

Are you sure your multicast settings are enabled? This feature may not have been turned on.

Some routers will require that this function be manually set. You may need to double-check your instruction manual to verify if it is turned on automatically.

Fix 3.

You should update the Netflix app on your TV and on your tablet or mobile to the most recent version.

How do I update Netflix on my smart TV?

Step 1. Open the app shop from the home screen.

Step 2. Find Netflix

Step 3. Now you should be able to select ‘Update.’

If you have done a software upgrade on your smart television, it should automatically update any installed apps.

Fix 4

You should check that your Netflix account is logged into all devices you intend to screen-mirror.

The second screen option won’t be available in the different accounts.

Fix 5.

Your connection could be interrupted if you use Chromecast to share Netflix.

Your device may have a missing or ‘cast’ image. This means that your connection needs to be refreshed. This can be done by following the steps below.

  • Sign out, then sign back into Netflix
  • Restart your device
  • Turn Chromecast off and on again
  • For a few moments, unplug Chromecast

This should eliminate screen mirroring on Netflix.

Fix 6.

Screen sharing is possible on multiple smart TVs, but only one at a time. There will be no problem if you try to screen-mirror Netflix on more than one TV.

Connect the second TV to the computer and repeat the screen mirroring process.

Fix 7. Speak to a Netflix Tech Specialist

If the Netflix screen mirroring is still a problem, we recommend that you speak to a Netflix tech specialist.

How to screen-mirror Netflix on your phone and TV

How to screen mirror from mobile to TV

To stream your favourite video to your smart TV, you can sync your Netflix app. Your phone acts as your remote.

How can I screen mirror Netflix from Android or iPhone to TV:

Before moving forward, ensure that both devices are connected to a single network.

Step 1. Log in to your Netflix account from your mobile

Step 2 Click on the cast image at the top of the page.

Step 3. Select your TV from the list of connected devices

Step 4. Play your desired video

Now, it should be displayed on your smart television.


We hope that this comprehensive guide has helped you understand why screen mirroring Netflix can occur with no video on your device. You will also be able to implement the six simple solutions.

Netflix’s server may be experiencing problems, which could be interfering with the app performing properly, so it is recommended to always check the service status”.

You can reach Netflix on

007 803 321 2130 Login to your account to obtain a reference code or use their Live Chat function.

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