SafeAI Raises $21M in Series A Funding Latest Update

SafeAI Raises $21M in Series A Funding Latest Update

SecureAI, the Milpitas, Calif.-based autonomous heavy equipment company, has raised $21 million in Series A financing.

Builders Venture Capital led this round, with participation from the new investors LTC, DG Ventures, MACA, and Vimson Group, as well as the existing investors Autotech Ventures, Brick and Mortar Ventures, Embark Ventures, Monta Vista Capital, and Obayashi Corporation.

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SafeAI Raises $21M in Series A Funding

The company plans to utilize the funds to develop its interoperable technology for autonomous vehicles through rapid research and development and to accelerate the expansion of its global footprint.

Directed by Bibhrajit Halder, the company’s founder, and CEO, SafeAI is a global autonomous heavy equipment company dedicated to advancing technology in the industry. SafeAI is an autonomous company that retrofits heavy machinery for autonomous construction and mining to meet the needs of an extensive network of industry players with complex requirements.

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Creating a platform based on advanced specific industry AI SafeAI empowers the equipment owners to transform their machines into self-operating robots.

The company operates in conjunction with Obayashi Corp in Cupertino, CA.

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