Runescape Error 1020 | How to Fix Access Denied Message

Runescape Error 1020

Are you receiving a RuneScape Error 1020 when creating an account with a new player using Iron Man mode? Do you receive the error code with an “Access denied” Error message? Be assured that this guide will explain the reason you’re experiencing the problem and the various ways to resolve the error.

RuneScape is a distinctive MMO that lets you participate in the world of fantasy Gielinor. It is possible to enjoy Old School RuneScape on any PC with internet connectivity. It’s true that RuneScape 3 is also well-known because it doesn’t require top-of-the-line hardware to enjoy the game’s content.

There are a number of players who report that they are unable to create an account for a brand new Iron Man account via the RuneScape website; they see the 1020 Access Denied error message on their web browser. Let’s discover why you get this error message on your screen and then determine an answer to the issue.

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What’s The Reason I keep Seeing RuneScape Error 1020?

Runescape Error 1020 | How to Fix Access Denied Message

These situations could cause the error 1020 to show up on RuneScape’s website. RuneScape website.

  • RuneScape CDN is blocking your IP address because of internal settings and therefore denying Access to the site as it detects threats.
  • Cloudflare cookie files stored on your computer could cause conflicts when you use the RuneScape cookies.
  • RuneScape server informs you that you’ve violated a firewall rule, giving you an error code 1020.
  • You’re using a VPN to connect to RuneScape’s website. RuneScape website.

How can I solve RuneScape issue 1020 access denied?

Try these troubleshooting suggestions in case you experience an error message like RuneScape error 1020 in your web browser.

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Examine the RuneScape service status

Runescape Error 1020 | How to Fix Access Denied Message

If the RuneScape servers have gone down, then you could be able to see yourself with the Access Denied error on your screen. So, prior to beginning to fix the issue from the user’s perspective, be sure to check for the condition of RuneScape servers. If you discover there is a problem, RuneScape servers are experiencing an outage; you might have to be patient for a couple of hours for the developers to resolve the issue.

Clear browser cookies

Sometimes there are instances when it is possible that the RuneScape web server may not be at fault for causing the error 1020. The error could be in your local cache, and your browser will retrieve it whenever you attempt to connect to the gaming site. Thus, clearing your browser cache will often allow you to resolve the issue.

While some browsers allow you to delete only RuneScape information, however, we suggest that you clear your browser cache completely. In Chrome, you can do this by tapping on three dots on the upper right side and then clicking on More Tools Clear browsing data All Time data.

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Change Network connection

Runescape Error 1020 | How to Fix Access Denied Message

Many RuneScape players have reported on various forums that changing their network connection could resolve the error 1020. There is a chance that the RuneScape bot identified that your address was a security threat and blocked it.

To determine the cause to confirm the suspicion, try another connection like the mobile network, and connect to RuneScape’s website. RuneScape website. If the issue is sorted out, you can contact the ISP provider to alter the address of your Internet Protocol.

Usually, every 14 days usually, the DHCP lease renewal on the server’s side takes place. It involves a handshake between your router/modem and your ISP. If you’re unable to be patient enough to wait for an automatic change in IP, then connect your device to an alternative WiFi network or to the mobile data connection to establish the RuneScape account on their site.

Try playing RuneScape in another browser.

A few users were able to fix their Access Denied error while creating an account on RuneScape by switching their browser. This could have something to be related to the settings for their browsers that are stored in the RuneScape servers. Try a different browser to go to the website for gaming and check whether the issue remains.

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Delete VPN Service

A majority of gaming servers are able to detect threats via AI bots. If you visit the RuneScape gaming site with an activated VPN and it is a good idea to check for an unreliable set of IPs that aren’t in sync with the server that hosts gaming. To resolve this issue, turn off your VPN or select a different reliable VPN server to establish accounts on the RuneScape website.

Make use of a gaming platform to play RuneScape

If none of the solutions above work to fix the error 1021, then you can use the Steam credentials you have created to create a new account. Steam credentials to set up an account in Runescape account by following the method. For this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Steam webpage and log in with your username and password.
  • Go to your Steam library section, and then look for RuneScape.
  • Choose RuneScape as well as Old School Runescape and install the game.
  • Then, click “Play Game” and watch for the “Log into RuneScape” screen.
  • Select the option “Create an entire account” and create a brand RuneScape Account” and then fill it with all the required information.
  • Once the RuneScape sign-up procedure is complete, When you are done; visit “Link Steam Account” under the Steam settings page.
  • Choose to select the Link account option in the middle of the RuneScape game. (You may be required to be prompted to type in your RuneScape login credentials once more).
  • Then, you can launch your RuneScape game through Steam and explore the fantastic realm of Gielinor.

How can I turn on cookies on the settings of my Web browser?

People who do not want to make use of a gaming service to play RuneScape may try a different quick fix to the error code 1020. Cloudflare uses cookies to save details about communication with its RuneScape page. Sometimes, however, there is a conflict in the use of cookies that could occur.

In some cases, the problem can be traced back to the user’s end. It is essential to make sure that the use of cookies is turned on in your browser to correct the problem. Let’s take the case of Chrome.

  • Start your Chrome browser and then click on three dots located at the top of the right-hand corner.
  • Then, go to Settings and choose the “Privacy and Security option on the lower left-hand pane.
  • On the right side, click on Cookies and Other information on the site and choose the “Allow All Cookies “Allow ALL Cookies” option.
  • Then, restart the Chrome browser and load your RuneScape page to check whether the issue is solved.


We hope this article has helped you resolve this RuneScape problem 1020. If your browser allows cookies, a third-party extension might be blocking RuneScape cookies. So, turn off the annoying extensions. If the issue persists, you should contact Jagex support to see what they can do to resolve the error.

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