Rose Church Location, Questline and PC Elden Ring

Rose Church Location, Questline and PC Elden Ring

How to reach Rose Church, and what to do when you locate its address

Rose Church is a dungeon located in Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes region in which you can find The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook and obtain the Bloody Finger and Pureblood Knight’s Medal from the local NPC. Within this Elden Ring Rose Church guide, we’ll show you how to access the region, what loot to be expecting, as well as the types of enemies that you’ll face.

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Rose Church is located on an island of a tiny size in the marshland that lies south of Raya Lucaria Academy. Take a turn to the east from the Fallen Ruins of the Lake area of grace to get to it with ease.


When you visit Rose Church, you can purchase the Nomadic Warriors Cookbook (12The book is available for purchase at the Rose Church You will also encounter an NPC called White-Faced Varre who gives you with the bloody Finger after you’ve completed his quest. This is an important item which you can use whenever you want to take on other players. You can also earn this item, known as the Pureblood Knight’s Medal and collect Bloodrose items from the surrounding brush.

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If you go to Rose Church, head toward the front of the church from the shoreline. If you’ve already met Varre during the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick the Grafted, you’ll be greeted by an NPC known as White-Faced Varre in the church’s entry archway. He handover the sparkling Bloody Finger, and Varre gives you an opportunity to complete a quest.

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To complete Varre’s quest first attack the other players three times at any point by using Festering Bloody Finger items. Then , meet with Varre again in the church to accept Varre’s Lord of Blood’s Love. The rag should be soaked in the blood of an infirm nun’s body like the one that is within the Church of Inhibition. Return it to Varre for the beneficial “bloody fingers” that produces the same effect as the gloomy variety. The distinction is that you can utilize it for an unlimited number of times. Speak to Varre for a second time to be able to get the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.


In addition to having a chat with Varre and a few other people, look in search of The cookbook of the Nomadic Warrior (p. 12for $12] close to its exterior walls. There are plenty of Bloodrose plant species that you can pick for your crafting needs. Beware, as a strong armored adversary attacks you inside the church’s walls. Other enemies with weaker armors are waiting outside the wall.

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