Roku OS Powered TVS US Canada NPD Gurwin

Roku OS Powered TVS US Canada NPD Gurwin

Although Roku might not be present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas again this year, we have interesting Roku T.V. (T.M.) news we’d like to inform you about ahead of the show’s virtual counterpart this week!

We are first happy to announce our findings that Roku O.S. is the number. According to NPD’s Weekly Retail Tracking Service, one smart TV OS is available across the U.S. and Canada. Roku T.V. held 38% of the market share in the U.S. and 31 percent in Canada, according to available data up to Dec. 26, 2020. remaining in the top position across both regions!

With this assertion, we are pleased to power the top popular smart T.V.s purchased throughout the United States and Canada. Every day we strive to ensure that our customers get the best experience on T.V., and that’s easy to access, variety, endless entertainment, and a great price! In addition, with Roku T.V.’s Roku T.V. reference design, our T.V. partners can quickly and economically construct and sell top-of-the-line smart T.V.s with competitive pricing that people love.

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Other announcements we’re excited to announce:

Roku T.V. Ready Wireless Soundbar

To expand Roku’s Roku T.V. Ready ecosystem even further, Roku today unveiled a new wireless reference design that is compatible with brands that sell consumer electronics. This new design uses Roku’s audio technology to wirelessly connect the soundbar to all Roku T.V. models. It’ll offer amazing audio and video sync, are easy to set up without the hassle of cords, and is operated via a single Roku T.V. remote. Plus, you can put it in any room!

The new design allows our partners to design and market wireless soundbars with their own brand names. TCL is set to announce their first ever wireless soundbar and will unveil the details of the device at TCL’s CES 2021 event on Jan. 12

Expanding to Roku T.V. Ready program in the U.S. and to International markets

In the United States, Element joins the Roku T.V. Ready program and will release a 2.0 Roku T.V. Ready Soundbar as well as a 2.1 Roku T.V. Ready Soundbar with Subwoofer later in the month. The element will join TCL, Hisense, Enclave, Sound United & Bose, who have all released Roku T.V. Ready certified audio products in the U.S. in 2020. In addition, Roku aims to expand the reach of its Roku T.V. Ready application across the globe in the near future. It will also announce partnerships and new products in each country later.

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OEM TV brands and companies that sell consumer electronics interested in finding out the details about Roku T.V. and the Roku T.V. Ready program in the U.S. and abroad can reach out to [email protected].

Happy streaming!

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