ROBLOX: How To Add or Remove Friends? Easy Ways

How To Add or Remove Friends roblox

If you have played multiple ROBLOX games, you will likely find someone who is friendly and worthwhile to play with more often.

ROBLOX allows players to add multiple friends and, if necessary, remove them. This is a great way to create a social network of friends with people you enjoy playing with.

You can also reduce your friend list as needed, and How To Add or Remove Friends on ROBLOX?

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How To Add or Remove Friends?

How Can I Add Someone On ROBLOX player?

ROBLOX: How To Add or Remove Friends? Easy Ways

You will see the Home Screen if you log into ROBLOX as normal. If you have just quit a game but want to add someone online as a friend, these are the steps you need to follow!

  1. To search for their player profiles, click the search box at the top. To search for other players, click on the People category.
  2. After finding the player, you wish to add, click on their profile to go to their account page.
  3. Click the Add Friend button as it appears on the profile page. ROBLOX recommends that you send a polite message to inform ROBLOX about who you are and what game you played together. You played together before!”

You can hope that the player will respond to your request and add you as their friend. These steps will help you accept a friend request if they have already added you.

  1. If you see a number beside Friends on the left-hand navigation panel, there are pending requests that need to be accepted or rejected. If you don’t see a number next to Friends, there are pending requests waiting to be accepted or declined.
  2. To go to your friend’s list, click on Friends.
  3. You can accept or decline the request from here. These players will be notified by email if they have accepted or declined the request.

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How Can I Remove Someone On ROBLOX?

Perhaps you’re concerned about a friend who hasn’t been active in years and doesn’t believe they will return. Or maybe you just want to reduce the number of friends you have to choose from. It happens, but don’t worry. We will show you how to remove someone from your friend list.

  1. Go to the profile page of the player that you wish to remove from your friend’s list.
  2. You will see the option to Unfriend at the top of your profile. To unfriend the player, click this button.
  3. Once you have completed this, the player will be removed from your Friends list.

How to Delete All Your Roblox Friends

ROBLOX: How To Add or Remove Friends? Easy Ways

Roblox is a great game that you can play all day. You’ll have many new friends. What happens if you need to delete a friend? Is this possible?

This article will cover everything you need about how to delete contacts from Roblox’s friend list.

The Regular Way

Roblox reduced the number of friends that you could have to 200 in 2015. There were some problems with this. People now have an entire contact list with no room for new friends. This can be avoided by deleting friends from your contact list.

Official instructions state that this is the easiest way to get rid of Roblox friends.

  1. Log in to Roblox.
  2. Go to the profile of the user.
  3. Click the Unfriend button.

This can be repeated as many times as you wish. Although it is slow, it has the advantage of being official and easy and does not require any extra work.

It will also ensure that you have the friends you want.

This method can be slow if you need to delete multiple friends at once. There is no way to delete a group of friends.

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Multiple tabs

ROBLOX: How To Add or Remove Friends? Easy Ways

You can also use multi-tab processing in modern browsers to take things further. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Roblox on your browser (such as Google Chrome).
  2. Click on the profile of someone and then click “Open in New Tab.” You can also use Ctrl+ click or click on the mouse wheel to achieve similar results and decrease the clicks.
  3. You can open approximately 12 tabs for each friend you want to delete using Step 2.
  4. Click on each tab you open and click the Unfriend button.
  5. After you complete the first batch of 12 accounts, close them and return to the original list. Then, go back to Step 2.

Although this method is slightly faster than the standard one, it still takes more clicks to complete the task.

Roblox Friend Extension Button

You don’t need to open many tabs or clog up your computer with processes. The Google store can help. Here are the steps:

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Shop.
  3. Locate the Roblox Friend Removal Buttons.
  4. Click on Add to Chrome.

This will add a small button to your Roblox friends list. You can then unfriend them from the menu. You can now close tabs and click around without opening new tabs.

This Extension is trusted and hassle-free.

Remove the Extension

Here are the steps for removing this Extension from Chrome.

  1. Find the Extension in your Extension toolbar. This Extension will be located in the top left of your toolbar.
  2. Locate the Extension that you wish to remove.
  3. Right-click and then click “Remove From Chrome.”

Use an AutoClicker

You can speed up the process by downloading AutoClicker.

This simple, free tool allows you to automate button clicking. AutoClicker will do the rest while you do other things. No more tedious clicking!

To remove all accounts from your friends’ list, you can use the Roblox Friend Removal Button Extension and the AutoClicker.

Using Console Programming

Some users have used a script to remove their entire friend list. This is an automated, new way to accomplish your goal.

Here is the script.

To download the script, please click on this link.

These instructions will help you use the script to clean up your friend’s list.

  1. In your browser, open the Roblox Friends List.
  2. Right-click on the page and click “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” (Ctrl + Shift+ I on Google Chrome).
  3. Click on F12 to open the Console tab. Steps 2 and 3 are possible.
  4. Copy the contents of your script into the console and hit ENTER.
  5. If the console gives you an error and your friends list isn’t empty, you can continue Step 4.

This is the fastest way to get rid of everyone on your friend list. This doesn’t mean you can keep everyone you like, and you must trust the third-party script that you downloaded.

Be careful with scripts downloaded from the Internet.

A Clean Slate

Here are four easy ways to get rid of people from your Roblox friends list. These can be used to start over and make Roblox more fun. You can then make new friends and add them as contacts to your list.

Did you ever have to delete Roblox friends? Which one did you choose? It was quick and simple. Please leave a comment below.

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