Rezilion Raises $30 Million of funds to help automate Devsecops USA

Rezilion Funds $30 Million of funds to help automate Devsecops USA

“Trust In Motion””s technology to ensure rapid and secure software delivery assists Fortune 1000 customers in eliminating more than 70 percent of their security manual tasks while improving their security levels.

ST. CHARLES, Mo., as well as ST. CHARLES, Mo. and SHEVA, Israel, Sept. 13th, 2021/PRNewswire -ST. CHARLES, MO. and BE’ER SHEVA, Israel. Rezilion, an online startup transforming DevSecOps through automation, has revealed $30 million of Series A financing, which Guggenheim Investments led. JVP and Kindred Capital contributed to the round, along with new investors, including current and former security executives and prominent figures of Google, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, IBM, Cisco, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, Nasdaq, eBay, Symantec, RedHat, RSA and Tenable.

Rezilion Raises $30 Million of funds

The epidemic has forced more companies to adopt a digital-first approach to business, which has put greater demands on IT managers and their development teams to provide digital product experiences in line with critical deadlines. Although code development has been mostly automated through DevOps, a significant gap has developed between security and engineering teams. The massive amount of code released by companies each day is a continual issue, as is understanding, limiting, and limiting the risks associated with this massive amount of code requires a lot of manual labor by skilled and skilled engineers. Ultimately, companies must choose between staying secure or releasing their code speedily.

Rezilion is a catalyst for innovation because it automatizes manually-manufactured security processes, making them as fluid as DevOps. Rezilion is the only option that significantly decreases the volume of security tasks required to release new digital products while protecting software environments. In the average case, customers using Rezilion’s vulnerability validation system have reduced the backlog for patching to more than 70 percent, freeing the engineering resources needed to concentrate on expanding product features.

“Rezilion’s product suite is a game changer for security teams,” said Rusty Parks, the Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Investments. “It is a win-win situation and allows companies to bring innovative products and features to market while improving their security. We are convinced that Rezilion has developed an appealing benefit proposition to security professionals that significantly boosts efficiency while safeguarding one’s infrastructure.”

“At Rezilion, we are determined to help organizations innovate by reducing the burden on resources and the inaccuracies, delays, and friction caused by manual security tasks,” said Liran Tancman, co-founder and CEO at Rezilion. “We believe there’s never more appropriate for companies to experience what we refer to as “trust in motion,” or the security which comes from moving quickly while remaining safe and secure.”

Based on exclusive Unison technology to analyze workload composition, Rezilion’s platform generates an exhaustive dynamic model of the software used across companies’ cloud workloads and applications. It automatically generates a complete bill of materials for software and reverse-engineers every single piece of code within the environment to understand its purpose and analyze its state and interactions. With this information base, engineering and security teams can automate the tedious back-and-forth exchange of improving and protecting the software environment, eliminating friction while increasing business-critical accuracy and speed. One instance of technology employed is figuring out the flaw in a code that can be exploited when the code is being used and implemented.

“Our technology connects security and developers in one place,” claims Shlomi Boutnaru, Co-founder and CTO of Rezilion. “This financing round will enable us to accelerate our mission dramatically by speeding up product development and accelerating expansion on a global scale.”

“Rezilion’s revolutionary approach has brought numerous benefits that help CIOs and CEOs to CIOs as well as CISOs, from speeding digital transformation, quicker product implementations, and increased efficiency and compliance, to the implementation of the most advanced development practices and the guarantee of higher security and a higher returns on investments,” stated Yoav Tzruya General Partner of JVP. “Under the direction of Liran and Shlomi, We look at expanding Rezilion’s markets and services to offer more value and value-added services based on the unique technology it has developed.”

The money will be used to quickly expand Rezilion’s go-to-market approach, partner with other DevSecOps solution companies, and expand operations to grow its customer base throughout Europe, the US, and Europe. Further product development will aim to bridge the gap between engineering and security, increase efficiency to facilitate the rapid release of the software, and allow companies to develop faster.

More About Rezilion

Rezilion is an industry-leading self-contained DevSecOps platform that lets businesses manage and limit the impact of attack surface from dev to prod and over cloud-based infrastructures, apps, and IoT devices. It significantly reduces tasks that security and engineering teams must accomplish, bringing together previously opposing efforts and empowering companies to be more innovative. With offices across Israel and the United States, Rezilion is rapidly attracting a larger customer base, including Fortune 100 companies and leading industry partners. For more information, visit

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