Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide

Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide

Find all Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide, Collectible Locations in Rethramis! Explore this map to find all locations in the region of Lost Ark.   

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Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide: Rethramis All Collectibles   

In this post, you’ll discover detailed maps and explanations of every one of them. Lost Ark Adventure Tome Collectibles in the Rethramis Region. It is located in the Rethramis Region and contains these maps: 

  •    Ankumo Mountain   
  •    Loghill   
  •    Prideholme   
  •    Rethramis Border   

The Collectibles You Have   

The Adventure Tome is another collecting adventure in the Lost Ark, like those of the Mokoko Seeds we cover in-depth. These guides will discover everything you require to find the location of collectibles from The Adventure Tome. This includes:   

  •    Hidden Stories   
  •    Unique Monsters   
  •    Vistas   
  •    Field Bosses   
  •    Cooking Items   
  •    Ingredients   

  It is also recommended to go through each dungeon at least once on normal difficulty and then once on the complex problem to complete your adventures tomes. Furthermore, you’ll be required to kill the monsters that roam the area to get unique collectibles. They aren’t tied to specific areas, so there won’t be a map of these random drops.   

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Map Credits   

The maps featured on these pages were created and licensed by This post is provided because it makes it easy to contact us via Google Search. It is challenging to locate these maps on Google when you type in these keywords because of the layout of interactive maps. Papunika is a beautiful interactive map you can look at if you need maps that you can navigate frequently. If not, feel free to browse our site and use our search feature to find other maps.   

Ankumo Mountain Adventure Tome Collectibles   

  On the Ankumo Mountain Map, which you can locate at:   

  •    2 Hidden Stories   
  •    4 Unique Monsters   
  •    1 Vista Location   
  •    1 Dungeon to Completion   

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  A Loghill Adventure Tome Collectibles   

  On the Loghill The map is available at:   

  • 2 Hidden Stories   
  • 2 Unique Monsters   
  • 1 Ingredient   
  • 4 Vista Locations    
  • 1 Dungeon to be Completed   

  Prideholme’s Adventure Tome Collectibles   

  On the Prideholme The map is available at:   

  •    4 Hidden Stories 
  •    2 Food 
  •    1 Ingredient 
  •    1 Vista Location   

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 Rethramis Border Adventure Tome Collectibles   

  On the Rethramis Border The map is available at:   

  •    3 Hidden Stories   
  •    3 Unique Monsters   
  •    1 Field Boss   
  •    1 Food   
  •    1 Ingredient   
  •    2 Vista Locations   
  •    1 Dungeon to Completion   

What do you learn from the various regions of the tome adventure lost Ark?      

  The items are listed below, along with their particular area. You can use the map and look up the things in that region.   

1. Rethramis Border:      

In the border region of rethramis, you’ll find these items:   

10 mokoko seeds   

1. 1 boss in the field   

1 food item   

3 hidden stories   

3 unique stories   

2 locations with vistas’   

1 dungeon   

1 ingredient   

2. Loghill      

In the loghill region , you can find the following valuables listed below:   

9 mokoko seeds   

1 ingredients   

2 unique monsters   

4 vista location   

1 dungeon   

2 hidden stories   

3. Ankumo mountain      

In the region of the ankumo mountains there are the following items:   

1 vista location   

1 dungeon   

2 hidden stories   

5 mokoko seeds   

4 unique monsters   

4. Prideholme      

In the region of prideholme, you can find the following objects of collectibles:   

2 meals   

1 vista location   

4 hidden stories   

1 ingredients   

9 mokoko seeds   

5. Aquilok’s Tail      

The Auilok’s tail area you can find the following objects of interest:   


World boss   

6. Aquilok’s head:      

In the head region of the aquiloks there are the following objects:   



World boss   

7. Toxiclaw cavern      

In the cavern of toxiclaw You will encounter the monster you need to beat to collect the items from the monsters.   

Additionally, on the map several viewpoints are available to explore. these viewpoints include prideholme, loghill, and Ankumo mountain.   

In addition, you may work with the travel merchants in the loghill as well as ankumo mountain and the rethramis border.   

What will you receive if complete the map of rethramis lost the Ark? 

If you can finish the rethramis, you will be awarded an Ignea Token: Rethramis. Beyond that, you’ll be awarded rewards such as the Phoenix plume HP potion, surprise chest, prideholme neria charisma potion, stat boost potion, Emote bored Gustaven’s holy waters, the structure of the rethramis lion statue.   

The above mentioned rewards depend on the completed percent of the adventure. When you have completed the various aspects of rethramis, go through all the way around, and earn items, this percentage will rise and you’ll make different rewards based on the amount of time you spent on the map.   

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What NPCs will you meet and which region of the Ark?      

  * Neria npc can be located in prideholme   

  * Eppha is located in the loghill   

  * Hyde is located in the loghill   

  * Hely can be found in Prideholme   

  * Maydok can be found in the loghill   

  * Kahan can be found in the loghill   

  * Vengeful spirit   

  * Priest Samantha   

What adventure will you go on in the rethramis adventure tome guide lost Ark?      

In the Rethramis Adventure Tome you will learn about the adventures of pets within the Prideholme. Additionally, you will be able to go through the Better Together adventure tome inside the prideholme. Further, in the prideholme, you can discover collecting collectibles to enjoy.   

A Different Dungeness quest to be found in the Rethramis Adventure Tome the lost Ark?      

  * The snake’s tail dungeon is found in the tail of Aquilok   

  * Malice dungeons with waves are located in Ankumo mountain   

  * Toxiclaw hideout dungeon you can locate in loghill   

  * Toxiclaw cavern dungeon you can locate in loghill   

  * The ruined ruins are a dungeon that can be located in the hill of loghill   

  * The source of the dungeon that you can find in ankumo mountain   

  * Guest who is not invited to the oratory dungeon, which you can be able to find in the loghill   

  All the details you’ll need to finish the rethramis adventure tome guide.   

In this post, we discuss the NPCs you’ll encounter and where, the different locations for dungeons and various rewards when you complete the map, various areas of the map, and the kinds of collectibles you’ll receive from them included.   

Additionally, you can visit the small area yourself by using the map to find new views to look at. With this knowledge you will be able to master the map and get the Ignea token that is rethramis.   

FAQ: Most Frequently asked questions   

Here are a few frequently asked questions relating to Rethramis Tome for Adventurers guide, with all the details.   

Within Lost Ark, how do I finish my tome of adventurers?   

You’ll have to take on several creatures in Rethramis to finish your Adventurer’s Tome Lost Ark. One of the most important elements to completing the finale is finishing your Adventurer’s Tome. Completing a continent’s tome can be the best way to gain an advantage.   

I’d like to read the tale of Rethramis. Where can I get it?   

The story that Rethramis is hiding is about a man known to by “the hero of Prideholme Farm.” The primary clue to the mystery is to go to the door in the middle of the path to the two farms at the map of Prideholme’s bottom. There’s a dialogue box.   

Adventure books from Lost Ark are what?   

The Adventure Books and Adventure Tomes of Lost Ark offer specific information about each continent in Arkesia that encourages exploration and completing tasks. There will be a book on each continent. Keep the track on your Lost Ark activities and progress with Adventure Books.   

Is there an Tome stores for collectibles in Rethramis?   

To get the item, it’s suggested to take on Toxiclaw crowds in Toxiclaw Cavern. It is obtainable by any Rethramis adversary. It’s drops are very rare. There is a slim chance of it falling. A great place to grind Tome Collectibles. You’ll find four bosses named after them who drop collectibles at a greater amount. Nearby is a huge tree.

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