Reincarnated as the Sword Episode 2 Recap, Ending, and Explained

Reincarnated as the Sword Episode 2 Recap, Ending, and Explained

In “Reincarnated as the Sword” or “Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita” episode 2, titled “The Hellish Trial At The Adventurer’s Guild”, Fran assists an adventurer who is attacked by goblins. She then helps her get to Alessa. The Black cat-girl arrives at the adventurer’s Guild to obtain the guild card and become an explorer. This is everything you need about the episode’s ending. SPOILERS Ahead!

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Episode 2 of Reincarnated as A Sword: Recap

Frans’ parents were desperate to grow and set out to conquer the seemingly impossible task despite all the dangers. They failed to achieve their goal despite overworking themselves and eventually died. Fran now plans to make their dreams a reality with the magic Sword.

Randell, an adventurer from New York, is attacked by goblins. The pair stumble upon Randell, and they struggle to defend themselves. Fran doesn’t think twice about it and jumps into action immediately. She kills each one and saves Randell. Randell realizes that she is able to be helpful and offer protection to him, so he offers to take Fran to Alessa, but Fran sees through it because of the magic sword.

Randell offers his help, but Fran agrees. They meet up and begin to get to know one another. The former learns more about adventurers. She finds the job interesting and decides to get her guild card as soon as possible. The magic Sword is shocked to discover so many weapons with higher stats when they reach Alessa. Fran assures him that he is not like any other.

Fran visits the local Adventurer’s guild, where she meets Nell, the receptionist. Nell is naturally skeptical of their abilities of Nell when Nell tells Fran that she plans on registering herself as a black Cat-girl. Fran is informed by her that the test will be difficult and that the guild won’t take any responsibility for her injuries. Fran does not listen to such warnings and is determined to pass her guild exam.

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Episode 2: Reincarnated as a sword Episode 2: Does Fran pass the Adventurer’s Guild Exam

Nell takes Fran with her to Donadrond, a powerful Oni who will test her abilities to determine if she is worthy of receiving the guild card. Nell is aware that the aura of the examiner is intimidating and can sometimes be too much to reject candidates who don’t seem promising. Fran, however, is not bothered by Donadrond’s bravado. The magic Sword is aware that the examiner has a lot of power and advises Fran not to hold back. The adventurer’s guild members who witnessed the black Cat-girl register to take the exam are convinced that she will not last long.

Fran is stunned by Donadrond’s speed as he surprises her on numerous occasions. Nells is convinced that the examiner is too relentless. One of his attacks is so potent that even Nells is worried that he is going too far. Fran is able to avoid serious injury by using his Sword to lessen the impact. Donadrond is impressed at her ability to think clearly. The Sword uses supportive magic to temporarily increase Fran’s AGI and STR. Superior sword mastery allows her to make a cut in the examiner’s biceps during her next attack.

Donadrond believes that her abilities are not enough to save her. This assessment is, unfortunately, inaccurate. Fran uses her magic sword to combine her sword skills with magic, which catches the examiner completely off-guard. Nell is stunned, as she believes that using both will require two brains. Donadrond is not able to last very long, and the test ends with Fran standing tall while the examiner lies under rubble.

Fran and Donadrond then go to Klimt’s guild master Klimt after passing the test. Klimt is impressed by Donadrond’s exceptional abilities. Nell, shocked to discover that she can master all classes and is fit for them all, takes her to the mana wavelength test. Fran opts for the Sword-mage class booster, and she is then issued her adventurer registration as well as the guild pass. In exchange for killing monsters, she receives gold. Unfortunately, some mercenaries think she cheated and bullied her. Fran doesn’t hold back and teaches them the lesson of crossing their boundaries.

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