Read Worlds Finest Assassin

Read Worlds Finest Assassin

The most deadly assassin on Earth could only be a tool for his employers until they decided to stop and let him live. Reborn through the power of a Goddess into the world filled with swords and magic He’s given the chance to make a change this time however there’s a catch…He must eliminate the super-powerful hero that will be the final straw for the world unless removed.

Today, he is known as Lugh Tuatha de the master assassin definitely has a lot on his plate especially because of the gorgeous girls that accompany him. Lugh could have been a legendary assassin, however how would be able to defeat his adversaries who are armed with powerful magic?

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  • Light Novel – the first book written and composed by Rui Tsukiyo, illustrated by Reia.
  • Manga A manga version of the novel that was drawn by Hamao Sumeragi.
  • Animation is an adaptation of anime of the book written by Masafumi Tamura at Silver Link & Studio Palette

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