Rbh Sound A-815 Review

Rbh Sound A-815 Review

The A-815 is the ideal solution for in-ceiling applications that require full-range performance, while still keeping costs down. A round, flush-trim mounting design gives the 8-inch polygraphite cone woofer and 1-inch swivel speaker clarity, accuracy, and better bass performance. You can find accessories for this product in the following list. For all our speaker accessories, visit the Accessories page.

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Rbh Sound A-815 Review – Features

  • Use the pre-started screws to mount your dog’s legs for quick and easy installation.
  • The circuitry of polyswitch protection circuitry is designed to protect the tweeter against being overdriven
  • Dual sound contour switches enable the woofer or tweeter output levels can be adjusted for each room using dual sound contour switches.
  • To integrate the drivers, crossovers with steep acoustic slopes are used.
  • If you want to conceal your speakers completely, paintable grilles are available.
  • Installation template.

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The A-815D combines the A-815’s performance and the convenience of dual-channel technology. Dual 1-inch swivel tweeters and dual voice coils provide high fidelity stereo sound in one, easy-to-install, flush-trim design. The A-815D is ideal for areas that require both left and proper channels. It also has a rich, full sound and deep bass. All Architectural Series.

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