Random Photos Appearing On My Phone! Here’s Why & Easy Fix  

Random Photos Appearing On My Phone!

Do you want to know what is going on with the random pictures on the Phone? This could be on or in your iPhone Camera Roll or your Android. Where they originate is the query you might ask. You’re in a quandary since you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing these photos previously.

Don’t worry; I’ve got some potential solutions. It’s a regular thing that occurs, especially when using the iPhone. There’s nothing to worry about if you own an iPhone because the iOS software is extremely difficult to crack. That means that nobody will ever be able to steal your Phone any time soon. If, however, your phone is running Android that is installed, you’ll need some time to solve the problem.

Random Photos Appearing On My Phone because your account is registered to your iCloud or Google photos. Once you’ve signed off from your phone, you won’t view them.

It’s all dependent upon what iPhone and phone application you’re using; you’ll be required to note where your device is logged to ensure that you don’t get photos that aren’t yours on your camera. When you finish this article, you’ll be aware of why these photos appear on your camera’s gallery and what you can do to prevent this from occurring.

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Why Do Random Photos Appearing On My Phone or iPhone

Random Photos Appearing On My Phone!

If you’re seeing unidentified images on your iPhone, this could be due to various causes; for example, photos taken with Whatsapp are being saved on your Phone.

Some settings must be changed on Whatsapp to stop images from being saved. I’ll be discussing this shortly.

If you’re using other devices like Android, which usually use Google photos, then it’s likely that you’ve received an invitation from someone to access Google Photos. Google Photos.

I will show how you can revoke access in another section of the article.

One of the primary reasons you see these random photos is that you’ve taken these photos yourself. You might think that you didn’t snap these photos, but there’s a good chance that you have, and you did not realize.

The main thing to remember to do is ensure that your Phone cannot gain access to your camera or gallery roll. We will then guide you on disabling this access on specific platforms.

You have likely been compromised as iPhone software is secure, and you can remove this thought from your thoughts.

If you’re running Android software, for instance, a Samsung or a Samsung, it’s likely that a third-party app can access your photo gallery.

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Remove the Random Images That appear in Your Gallery.

Random Photos Appearing On My Phone!

Be sure to delete any strange images you don’t recognize on your camera roll. I’ll explain the reasons below.

To erase photos from your camera roll:

  1. Go to the camera roll and select the top-right corner.
  2. Select the random photos, then tap the delete icon at the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Tap delete.


As I mentioned above, make sure you block applications from accessing your camera roll.

You’d like to erase the pictures from your mobile because when a random image shows up, you’ll have an idea of the app it could be coming from.

Be sure to save these images within your folder that you deleted for any future reference because you might need to go back to them to solve your issue.

The process to delete photos on your Google Photos and Android and Samsung device is the same procedure. Tap on the image and click delete.

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Stop apps that have Access to Photos

Before we begin, you should ensure that you know which applications can access your Camera Roll. This is essential to help you determine which apps are infringing on the camera roll.

In this case, I’m referring to that they may include images the picture that isn’t their own.

To determine what apps have access to Your Camera Roll, you have to go to Settings and go to the Privacy and then photos, and here if you notice Reading and Writing in the app list, it means that the apps have permission to access your Camera Roll.

If you’d like to stop this from happening to your Android or Samsung Phone, go into the Settings Settings > Apps and Notifications. Look for the application and check whether it can access your gallery.

You can block access from many applications you suspect aren’t contributing to this problem. I’d recommend doing this for a majority of them.

If you do not want specific applications to access your camera roll, open the following app and click on the never button.

It is also possible to use specific apps, which I’ll be discussing in the future. WhatsApp or Hangout are the primary focus of this article.

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Photos are from WhatsApp or Hangouts.

Random Photos Appearing On My Phone!

One of the most popular reasons for this is WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. You may be at a loss, but here’s the reason I’m telling you this.

Most of the time, WhatsApp can access the camera using the default settings.

If you’re part of a WhatsApp group chat or often receive messages from friends via WhatsApp, you are not sure why this could be the source of the issue.

If pictures are sent to you via WhatsApp, They are automatically added to your gallery.

Go through the above section on the section above on how to turn off apps that Are Accessible to the Tour Photos to prevent this from repeating itself. It is also possible to perform this action within the app’s application.

  1. Then, open WhatsApp
  2. Click Settings on the panel to the bottom left, depending on the device you are using.
  3. Select Chats
  4. Turn off the Save button in Camera Roll. If it isn’t already off

One way to determine whether the photos you didn’t recognize originate through WhatsApp is to look up any chats you have been engaged in recently. Then, try to compare any images sent to the camera roll.

To see which images have been uploaded to the screen of your iPhone through Hangouts, you can access the Google Archive Album on your Hangouts account.

Look through the album for pictures that are within your photo roll. If these are your gallery’s exact images, you’ll know that they’re coming from Hangouts.

To delete them, just click the photo to erase it.

Switch off AirDrop and BlueTooth

AirDrop is Apple’s method to transfer photos instead of using cables. When two iPhone devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, documents and photos can be easily transferred with no notice.

There’s a chance that you have a relative or friend who might be sending your photos, and you aren’t aware of it. Someone at the workplace or in the cafe might be dropping images on you, and you don’t have a clue.

To prevent this from happening shortly, you’ll need to disable the airdrop if it’s yet off.

To do this, go the SettingsSettings General > Airdrop and then click on Receiving Off. You can pick contacts only if it’s the right choice.

Airdrop can be turned off from the control middle on your iPhone. If you have an option to turn on home, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen that displays your home screen.

If you’re using a more recent version, swipe to the left from the top left.

Pictures can also be transferred to your iPhone by using Bluetooth signals. When your phone is turned off, it can’t be detected by anyone else’s device.

Bluetooth can be disabled by setting the Bluetooth option on your Phone.

Keyboard Apps

If you’re using keyboard apps, it could be why unidentified images appear within your galleries. Keyboard applications that contain GIFs or memes can be downloaded onto your device.

If these images are downloaded, they’re not hidden from view and can be displayed in your gallery if you decide to use that image or sticker.

Sometimes, the creators of these apps do not take the time to archive the property they download properly in images, and these files may end up everywhere on your mobile.

It’s the same with other apps that can be downloaded. It is best to stay clear of these apps entirely. The best option is to uninstall these apps.

I recommend first setting your computer back to its default keyboard. This ensures that the keyboard doesn’t stay there after you remove it.

The other thing I’d do is remove the apps on your Phone. If you’re using an Android phone, similar to Samsung, Samsung then goes to the Settings and the Apps section. There, you can find the app and then delete it.

If you’re using an iPhone, hold and press the application until a cross appears. You’ll want to click that cross and then press delete to affirm.

Verify Devices that are registered with iCloud

There’s a chance that you and your family members are connected to an iCloud family sharing plan. Whenever you upload photos to your iCloud, they will be displayed on your Phone.

If that’s the case, you’re seeing random photos you didn’t capture show up on your photo gallery.

Other users can access the iCloud account if they’re already logged into another device. Therefore, it’s crucial to know which device your Phone is connected to.

To prevent this from happening, go and go to the Settings > tap on your Apple Account and then select Family Sharing,” and then disable it.

To see which devices are connected to your iCloud account and sign them out, open your Settings > tap your profile. From here, you’ll be able to see what phones and iPhones are connected to your iCloud. You can sign out any devices you do not recognize.

A family member might be using a device that has an iCloud account logged on to it. If this is the case, then log off from the specific device.

You’ve accepted someone’s invitation to Post Their Photo in Their Library.

Google photo lets you keep all your images on file regardless of your device. That means every image you’ve taken is stored in the cloud in Google Photos. Based on when you have set it up.

One feature of this program allows you to request additional Google accounts to join by uploading images to the cloud.

The problem with this issue is you could not remember that someone else has access to the gallery, so you’ll never be aware that images from unknown sources were added to your gallery.

You can find out who a partner is shared in Google Photos by going on the app, clicking the Settings, and then Partners Sharing. You will be able to see the people who can upload to your cloud and how you can disable these users.

I would also advise you to change your google password and sign out of any other devices that are associated with your account.

You’ve Printed the Photos.

If you observe that a few photos are mostly blurry or black, you could have been snapping these photos.

Sometimes, this happens when you believe you’ve shut off your computer and put it in your purse, but it’s been inserted into your camera and begun snapping photos.

If this is the case, then there’s no reason to be worried about it; simply take care to stay clear.

You can cut down the timeout for your screen to assist you in this issue by going to the settings >> the display. I would recommend reducing the timeout to 30 seconds to cut down on the period it is on for.

This reduces the risk of your devices being altered.

Someone Has Access to Your Phone

Around 80% of phones nowadays can be compromised with just one message if you log into iMessage and see whether you find any odd messages with links.

If you’ve clicked any of the links, then there’s a chance that your device has been compromised. If you suspect this is the case, you must put your device in “DFU” mode.

This refers to the firmware update of your device and can remove any spyware or viruses from your device. Disclaimer! This doesn’t work all the time.

iOS is very secure, and the chance of your program being compromised is extremely low.

If you’ve sold your prior Phone but not done an entire reset, this might be why. Every time they take photos and upload them to your library, they will end up in your iCloud and your Google library.

If you remember going to Settings and performing a full reset of the Android or iPhone before you sold a phone, then that’s probably the situation. It’s even more likely if this Phone doesn’t have any password.

Factory Reset Device

If you’d like to be sure that the issue isn’t the result of apps that gain permission to access the operating system on your phone, I’d suggest that the best option is to completely reset your Phone.

The purpose of a factory reset is to erase all data stored. The advantage of the one-time reset of the factory is that you can create a backup and then exclude everything you don’t want to appear in your Phone’s memory after the update.

If you’ve not yet made backups, I’d suggest you do this. It’s done by accessing the settings on your iPhone and then clicking on your name when you are in. There you will find backups.

If you want to reset, your iPhone goes to the General settings and then clicks Reset All Data. It will take around 15 minutes for the device to be fully reset.

For Android devices, you’d have to hold and press the power button and home buttons, power button and volume button simultaneously until you see a menu pop up.

When the recovery menu comes up, select the factory reset option. Your Phone will start to restart.

Once everything is reset, you can modify your iCloud, Apple ID, and Google passwords.

You sold a device without Resetting it.

If you own an old phone that you’ve already sold, it could be why random images appear within your photos gallery.

If you lend an individual your Phone else without resetting it, you give them a chance for the pictures you take on the device to show up on your Google Photos or in your camera roll as long as your accounts are still connected to the device.

If someone has decided not to log in, the issue may linger until they do. If you’re currently in contact with the person, I’d suggest that you contact them and ask them to log off of your accounts.

If you’re unable to contact them, you’ll need to close your Google account and your iCloud account.

To log off of the Google account across all devices, there are a variety of guides available online for doing this. Just do a quick google search and click on the most relevant suggestion, or you can check out this quick guide.

You accepted an invitation from someone else to Post Their Gallery.

The reason that shared pictures might be showing up in your camera roll could be because you may have unintentionally accepted an invitation from someone to show their galleries.

If you make this change, it will allow the photos that a user creates using the Google account to be displayed on your mobile device. This is only possible via the Google photos app as well as Apple photos. Apple photographs app.

You can revoke access by opening the camera roll and then going into the shared album. Before doing one of these things, you should remove any photos you have shared on your device.

Click on the People tab to view who is the owner of the album that is shared and whom the album is shared with. You can request to be removed from the album if you do not want to remain on the album.

If you’re using Google Photos, you’ll have to click Share at the lower left. Once you’ve done that, you can open your album. On the right-hand side, you’ll have to select more options. You can also turn off collaboration.

After doing all of this, the old pictures may or might not be visible within your roll of camera images. If they do, delete them, but no new images should show up.


By now, I hope that you understand why you’re seeing images that aren’t yours within your photo album.

If you’re still not sure the source of these photos being taken, I’d suggest you go to or visit an Apple Store.

They can examine the software installed on your device and determine whether it’s been compromised. This can be performed for free if you’ve got an insurance policy, but it could be at a price even if you don’t.

They may also be able to identify the source of the images.

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