The hugely popular RPG Genshin Impact has garnered a massively enthusiastic following since its release sometimes – perhaps sometimes a little intense (us not excluding). With Hoyoverse offering new content in regular updates every six weeks or so. We’re trying to stay up-to-date and planning the next update’s content, what objects to gather, and how many primos to keep in anticipation of our most loved characters coming soon and revisited.

Naturally, this has resulted in lots of Genshin Impact leaked information including new characters and enemies to what is coming up. Although all leaks can change, certain leaks are better than the rest. To save you from having to search through the dark sands of leaks we’ve put together some of the best leaks to share with you here. Please note, if you are concerned about spoilers, it’s best to avoid any form of leaks, whether here or on the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit – because, let’s be honest, spoilers are pretty much the whole point of leaks.

For those who want to keep informed about all things, Genshin is sure to review the Genshin Impact Update. Genshin Impact Update as well as our Genshin Impact Events guides. Additionally, you can find a helpful Genshin Impact List of Tiers along with Genshin Impact codes for storing the additional essentials inside your backpack.

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We’re waiting for further details to be made public concerning the 2.8 updates that is based on leakers, beta testers, and leakers. We’ll for the moment only report on leaks that we’ve classified as reliable in the interest of being clear. If we wrote on every leak that was doubtful and we’d be in a sandbox more secluded than Osial’s grave.


The leaks of recent times have focused particularly on Genshin’s Kuki Shinobu as well Genshin Impact’s Yellen and Heizou, who Hoyoverse has confirmed will be to Version 2.7. There are also a lot of brand new leaks of Genshin Impact’s Heizou and Heizou as well as videos of the game. Read our guide for more about the character’s appearance, as well as see other leaks.

In addition, we’ve seen leaks concerning Genshin Impact’s Yooyao as well as Genshin Impact’s Baizhu both of them may be the very first character from the dendro genre to be introduced in the game and may be part of the game along with Genshin Impact’s Sumeru. The leakers have also suggested that we may be seeing some of the characters listed below in near time:

  • Genshin Impact’s Heizou
  • Genshin Impact’s Varka
  • Genshin Impact’s Cyno
  • Genshin Impact’s Dainsleif

However, there is no proof of this. Don’t fall for it.


Hoyoverse has confirmed that they will be the primary Genshin Impact banners that will be appearing at 2.7 with the much-anticipated Genshin Impact, a brand-new Genshin Impact character Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu, and Genshin Impact Yelan. Apart from Kuki, we do not know who will be the four stars of characters who will appear in the show.

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For 2.8 The leaks suggest that the brand new anemo catalyst user Genshin Heatingou from Impact is due out, but we’re not certain what banner he’ll be under or the person will be his co-star.

Naturally, we’ve been anticipating seeing a Genshin effect Kazuha remake for what appears to be an eternity, with there are rumors that keep swirling about it going to happen only to be destroyed. New reports indicate that version 2.8 will feature an adventure story inspired by our Anemo-boy character (not the character, Xiao, you’ve got the chance to shine in 2.7) This means that we may finally see the rerun we’ve been lusting over since the beginning of time.


The Leakers have speculated that we’ll get a rerun of the much-loved 1.6 Mondstadt events, Golden Apple Archipelago prior to the end of version 2. If this is true, then the event is likely to come out in version 2.8 which is the last update prior to the launch of Sumeru because it was not mentioned in connection with 2.7 on the Livestream.

To confirm the leaks, check out the comparison between the original and the brand new Golden Apple Archipelago maps here. Blank is also suggesting that the island that is the most prominent on the map of the future is actually the castle that you can see in the background of Yelan on this map.


The 2.7 weapon leaks were confirmed in the Livestream from the last however there are hints at an upcoming, quest-based weapon, which is of version 2.8.

According to leaked information, according to information leaked, this sword will be a four-star weapon available in the last chapter of the Kazuha chapter that is part of an upcoming set of adventures. The sword isn’t improved and is kept in the dark until the end of the adventure. The current beta placeholder is known as “this is a weapon” ”.There is a possibility to have a look at the different colors of the sword here below as well as further below.

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This is the last of our Genshin Impact leaks for now. We’ll make sure to add any additional information when we find them, so be sure to check back regularly. If you’re seeking something different from Teyvat takes a look at our list of most popular mobile games to play in 2022.

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