PUBG Sound Not Working: Easy How to Fix It

PUBG Sound Not Working

It is almost impossible to enjoy the battle royale PUBG Kim Chang-Han when the sound isn’t working.

It can hinder your performance and possibly cause you to lose your match.

You may experience PUBG Sound Not Working. This could be caused by a simple mic adjustment in the application management or a driver update.

Our quick guide will help diagnose and give you 5 simple fixes to restore audio quality when playing PUBG.

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Why Does PUBG Sound Not Working

Why is PUBG not working?

PUBG Sound Not Working

Your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sound may not be working because your HDMI cable was incorrectly connected or your audio settings were wrongly configured.

Additional reasons include:

Reason 1. Muted volume mixer

PUBG will be available on your PC’s volume mixer settings. This toggle is only active once the game has been launched.

This setting will disable the audio, so you can’t use your game’s audio even if the other settings are high.

Reason 2.

You may be missing a file that corresponds with the audio for PUBG when you play it on Steam.

  1. Incorrect game settings

PUBG will require that your sound settings are set correctly on your device.

This could be the reason why the sound isn’t playing through if the Master’s checkbox isn’t enabled.

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Reason 3.

Your computer’s drivers may need to be updated in order to enhance the sound quality.

Old sound drivers can cause problems with your sound system and create faulty software.

Reason 4.

If headphones are not working while you’re trying to win the match, you may have a problem with their Bluetooth pairing.

How do I fix no sound while playing PUBG?

PUBG Sound Not Working

Fix 1. Check audio settings

Make sure that the audio settings for PUBG are correct and that there is no muted audio.

Step 1. Right-click on the “Volume” button at the bottom of the screen (in the taskbar).

Step 2. Select Open Volume Mixer’

Step 3 Verify that the volume of PUBG is not muted and that all other toggles have been set to your preference.

Please note that launch PUBG before you open the volume mixer.

You may find that the playback settings of the headset and speaker have been switched.

Step 1. Right-click on the volume button to select Sound Settings

Step 2. Select to access ‘More sound settings’

Step 3. Check that the correct output has already been selected in the “Playback” table.

These steps will ensure that the settings are saved.

Make sure you have the correct Media sound settings if you’re using your mobile device.

  1. Reset 2.

You must ensure that the audio settings within the game are correct to match your device’s settings.

You will see that the Master box is set to enabled, and all volume settings are at high.

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Fix 3.

The audio will not function properly if a file is missing or corrupted. Steam allows you to verify that all files are correct and updated.

Step 1. Start your Steam App

Step 2. Locate PUBG and Right-click

Step 3. Choose Verify Game Files’

Allow Steam to finish this process. After it’s done, you can relaunch your PUBG.

Fix 4. Update driver

Your computer could need an update or have corrupted data which would need to be deleted.

Driver Easy allows you to automatically update your drivers. After installing the application, launch it and follow the simple steps.

If you want to manually update your drivers,

Step 1. Log in to your Device Manager

Step 2. Scroll down to the “Audio Outputs and Inputs” tab

Step 3. Highlight the desired output option, and right-click on it

Step 4. Choose to ‘Update Driver’

Follow these steps.

Fix 5. Check headphones

You can check if your headphones have a problem by connecting them properly and checking if the other device works with them.

Bluetooth headphones must be paired to your device successfully if you use them.

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How do I fix a mic that isn’t working

How to fix a mic that isn’t working in PUBG

You can’t win PUBG by hiding and staying out of trouble. However, it is important to have a team that supports you.

You can’t communicate with other players, which can hinder your match’s success. You must have a working mic when moving around the map.

Fix 1.

Have you set up permissions to allow your mic to function on PUBG?

If you are on a mobile device;

Step 1. Go to Settings, then go to Installed Apps.

Step 2. Locate PUBG, and click on it

Step 3. Choose App Permissions’

Step 4. Change the permission to. ‘Off’ is for the microphone

Relaunch PUBG, and when asked if you have permission to use your Microphone, choose ‘Allow.’

If your PC is equipped with

Step 1. In ‘Settings’, go into ‘Privacy.’

Step 2. Select Microphone’ to enable the Microphone access in

Step 3. Verify that the microphone is.

Launch your Battlegrounds again and test the microphone.

  1. Fix 2.

Step 1. View your game settings

Step 2. Scroll down to Voice Chat under the “Audio” tab.

Step 3. Verify that all volumes are up. Make sure that ‘Voice Input Mod’ has been set to ‘Push to Talk’

After the settings are checked, exit your game and relaunch it.

Why does voice chat not work with PUBG?

Your voice chat might not work when you try to play PUBG because of;

  • Incorrect settings for microphones
  • The headset is defective
  • The microphone is not properly connected

We have already shown you how to check your permission settings.


Now that your sound is restored, you can get on the battlefield and start racking up the frags.

If you find the sound doesn’t work when playing PUBG for any reason, it could be an issue with your headphones or speakers.

PUBG has a customer support page you can use. Remember that PUBG could have issues with their server, and this could affect your audio. You can view their server status.

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