PS5 Won’t Connect To Internet: Easy Guide To Fix Your Gaming Console

PS5 Won't Connect To Internet

Are you noticing that your PS5 Won’t Connect To Internet? This can happen to any version, both the digital and standard editions, since both are accessible via the Internet.

It could be thought that it is an issue in your (Ps5 server). However, this problem could be due to a glitch on your part because the PlayStation is unable to join the wifi network.

To assist you in determining the root of the connection issue, we’ve created an easy guide to help users in connecting their PS5 with the Internet.

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Why is my PS5 not being connected to the Internet?

PS5 Won't Connect To Internet

If you see “Cannot connect with the wifi Network’ on your PS5 console, or anything similar, it could mean that you are experiencing issues connecting to the modem.

There are many reasons why your Ps5 won’t connect to the Internet

Reason 1. Your wifi router is too far from your PS5

Reason 2. Other devices are interfering with the connection between your router and console

The reason 3. There is a problem with your wifi router or modem

Reason 4. The internal hardware of your console is defective.

What can I do to resolve my issue with my connection to the Internet on my PS5

Ps5 Won’t Connect To Internet:

Fix 1. Enter your wifi password again on the console

PS5 Won't Connect To Internet

You might have mistyped your password when you first tried to connect the router. Enter your correct password by looking for the router’s password. (It usually is located on the back of your router).

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Fix 2. Power reset

Shut down your PS5 completely off, and then take a couple of minutes. Restart your console and test whether it connects seamlessly. 

Fix 3. Reboot your router or modem

PS5 Won't Connect To Internet

Turn off your wifi router and then wait for a few minutes. Switch it back on, and ensure your PS5 and any other devices are connected to it. 

Fix 4. Move your wifi router and PS5 closer to each other

The distance between your PS5 and wifi router may be too long for your console to receive sufficient signal strength. Positioning closer to one and resolving the issue with signal strength so that you don’t place the router against an obstruction like a wall or another obstruction that could hinder the signal between them.

Fix 5. Use the PlayStation Support page.

Select the right one. “My PS4 or PS5 cannot be connected to the web’ Follow them and follow the.

Fix 6. Reset your router

This is not the same as restarting the router because this causes your router to return to its default settings, meaning you’ll have to create your network from scratch. Remember that this can result in all other devices becoming disconnected.

The steps for how you can reset the router

Step 1. While the router is connected and powered on, push to the left of the reset button (the little button on the rear) and hold it for 30 minutes.

Step 2. Take the router off its plug for 30 seconds. Then continue to hold the reset key.

Step 3. Plug the router back into the power source (still pressing the button to reset) and turn the router on again by pressing the power button for 30 seconds.


Fix 7. Make sure you reset your PS5 to original settings.

If you decide to restore your PS5 to default settings, remember that this reset will erase all data saved, so you should ensure that you take a backup before cleaning everything.

Configuration > System Software > Reset Option > Reset Console Reset

Fix 8. Finish the Network test using PS5

When you complete the Network test on your PS5 will ensure that you’re connected directly to Playstation Network. Playstation Network (PSN). After the test has been completed successfully, it will inform you of the results.

Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection

You can test the speed of your Internet with this link.

Fix 9. Make use of an Ethernet cable

The use of an Ethernet cable gives your console an immediate network signal to the modem or router and reduces any signal problems that may arise between them.

Join your console with the router/modem by plugging the Ethernet cable into both devices

The steps for updating the network settings of your PS5 to Ethernet

Network > Setting > Set Up Internet Connection > Select Wired Lan 1 > Connect

You’ve successfully changed your network configurations on the console, switching from wifi to Ethernet.

How can I restart my Internet connection in my PS5

How do I reset the wifi connection on PS5?

If you turn on your PS5 console, it will automatically connect to the default wifi network you first linked it with. If you entered your incorrect password, you’d have to uninstall this default network and reconnect using the correct password.

The steps needed to get rid of the network that is the default:

Step 1. On your console, go into Settings

Step 2. Select ‘Network’

Step 3. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 4. Choose the network that you have connected your console to.

Step 5. Disconnect from the network

Step 6. Select ‘Delete’

Connect via the wifi network.

What is the most effective DNS configuration for PS5?

DNS Settings

If you discover that your wifi network is working and that connections between the router and console are working, you may change the DNS settings.

The DNS (Domain Name System) server on your PS5 is the one that converts the domain name into an IP address. This means you have access to all gaming servers on the Internet.

Modifying the DNS settings on your PS5 can boost your internet connection speed and reduce the loading time of your console. Certain DNS servers are more prone to traffic volume than others, and altering this could improve the quality of the service on your console while linked to the web.

The two most reliable DNS for PS5 are:

(Please take note that this is the primary set of numbers is the primary DNS, then the second set of numbers is secondary)

  • Google (;
  • Cloudflare ( ;

Then followed by

  • SafeDNS ( ;
  • DNS Advantage ( ;
  • OpenNIC ( ;
  • OpenDNS Home ( ;
  • Dyn ( ;
  • FreeDNS ( ;
  • Yandex.DNS ( ;
  • DNS.WATCH ( ;
  • Alternate DNS ( ;
  • SmartViper ( ;
  • Verisign ( ;
  • Comodo Secure DNS ( ;
  • UncensoredDNS ( ;

What are DNS settings for PS5?

The DNS settings for your PS5 can be found in the settings on your console.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Network’

Step 3. On the Network page, select “Settings.”

Step 4. Choose ‘Set Up Internet Connection’

5. Find the network’s name you’re currently connected to, and click on it.

Step 6. Select ‘Advanced Settings’

7. Choose ‘DNS Settings’ and change it from Automatic to “Manual.”

8. This is when you will now enter your principal primary and secondary DNS numbers.

Step 9. Click on ‘Ok’

Your console will now run the network test.

Final Note

If you experience an additional issue, ‘Something Went Wrong’ on your PS5, You can go to download one of our guides to assist you in resolving this issue.

We hope that you successfully got your PS5 back in connection to your wireless network in the shortest time possible.

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