Project Slayers: All Muzan Spawn Locations

Project Slayers: All Muzan Spawn Locations

Project Slayers is a Roblox role-playing game based on The popular animated series Demon Slayer. If you’ve seen the show, you may have heard about Muzan, the Demon King, Muzan. To play Roblox, the Roblox game, you’ll need to locate him. 

After drinking his blood, you will transform into a Demon yourself. As you advance into the realm of Demons, you will need to drink his blood to be the Demon. What is the best place to locate Muzan? Read our guide for the complete list of Muzan locations of spawn within Project Slayers.

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Where can I find Muzan In Roblox Project Slayers (All Spawn Locations)

Muzan appears only at night at random but in specific areas. It is possible to locate him when you have all your maps locked.

The locations listed below are all Muzan’s spawning sites. Muzan:

Kabiwaru Village

  • Once you’ve reached the village, go up the stairs and turn left.
  • You’ll find Muzan on your left between two houses.

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Butterfly Mansion

The Butterfly Mansion has three different locations inside the Butterfly Mansion, where you will locate Mulan within Project Slayers.

  • The first place, you can locate the Demon King just past Shinobu at Butterfly Mansion.
  • If you restart, you’ll be able to discover Muzan in outside of the gate.
  • When you are at the map, make a to the left and continue straight, passing in the open spaces.
  • There are many steps across the hills.
  • Take a straight line and then an immediate left to reach Muzan.
  • Then, turn left and continue across the open wilderness.
  • The stairs are short and you will discover Muzan in front of the yellow tree.

Ouwbayashi Home

  • When you reach the map, make sure you head straight ahead in the direction you want to go.
  • There is Muzan on the left side of the home behind the house.
  • Be careful, as there are many enemies waiting to strike. You can battle them or try to avoid them before you reach Muzan.

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Kiribating Village

There are two spawning locations within Kirbating Village where you can locate Kirbating in two locations.

  • The first place to go is climb up to reach the bridge that is ruined and abandoned.
  • You’ll find Muzan at the end of the bridge.
  • To go to the next destination, leave through the village’s gates.
  • Turn left until you come across an unfenced area. There is Muzan on the other side of the fence, next to the yellow tree.

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Zapiwara Mountain

  • Once you have spawned at the spot there is Zenitsu. Beware of him, or he’ll be fighting you.
  • It is necessary to turn left, then straight to locate an incline.
  • Climb the cliffs and hills until you find Muzan under a yellow tree.

If you’re having trouble finding him, the most effective solution is to use server-hopping. Alternately, you could buy the Muzan Gamepass to locate him quickly. Take a look at our guide to the steps to becoming Demon for more details.

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