12 Most Valuable Pikachu Pokemon Cards

Pikachu Pokemon Cards

Pikachu is one of the most famous Pikachu Pokemon characters. Certain games are worth a cent…

It’s a fact that the Pokemon Trading Card Game has had its fair number of downs and ups in its popularity over the years, but its lows have helped keep it at the top of the most loved games with five or six cards all over the world. If it’s hot and it’s extremely hot-it’s the Sword & Shield era has seen a major revival in popularity and is certainly playing a major factor in why many games are valued at a little amount in the present (and only a select few have a value of a huge amount).

The opulence of such a beautiful appearance must eventually expand to the status symbol among icons, the electronic rodent people are more familiar with than Mickey Mouse himself. This is Pachirisu The most stunning tiny mouse that exists.

Of course, we refer to “Pikachu”. Stay with us for some time and we’ll let you know the amount of dough these lovely pieces of cardboard will cost you if adhere to the old saying, “gotta [own] em all.”

While the items on the list haven’t changed significantly in the past few years since we looked at the Pikachu TCG world The prices have increased. It’s no surprise that the Pokemon Trading Card Game is in a state of revival So, grab your binders and find out whether you have any of these gorgeous cards among your possessions.

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12 Pikachu Wizards Promo #1 Ivy Misprint

What happens if you place Jungle Pikachu (the very first Pikachu card ever designed and, if you’re lucky,) in an ivy-covered field instead of the grassier landscape that the card is known to be able to It’s a costly, expensive Pikachu as a result.

It’s the usual version of the story. In reality, it’s one more step before you can claim that your “Ivy Misprint” Pikachu is worth thousands. This story about how it’s easy to make one lucky few wealthy overnights appears to be an appropriate way to start the list.

11 1999 PokeTour Promo

The 1999 PokeTour Promo Pikachu isn’t a stunning piece. It has a nice gold imprint that lets people know it’s only available during the event. This is all you really have to be aware of. It’s actually quite baffling the extent to which its predecessor is in comparison to the other items on this list. With a price of $200 for a maximum, you’re able to pretend to be someone who attended only a handful of gigs over two decades ago, regardless of the place you happen to reside now.

10 Pikachu Birthday

Pikachu Birthday is available in a variety of variants. The attraction is, naturally, that collectors will desire both. The downside? You’ll need to pay an average of $8,000 (on average) just to get it done.

There’s something charmingly funny with that Pikachu Birthday card that looks back over the years. Its popularity was so great to the point that the official Pokemon Leagues quickly banned it because of the possibility of infractions. (Lots of kids were able to grow up quickly when they were left without a hand-held identification I’m sure.)

Although there’s a chance that this could cause some concern about 2022’s future, the fact is that it will not cause enough concern to anyone to be concerned. The boost in attack power by 30 percent to around 80 percent even with the minuscule expense of just two Electric Energy, just… isn’t something to be proud of anymore.

9 Pikachu VMAX Rainbow

The release date of Pikachu VMAX Rainbow to change in the coming years but it’s on this list despite undergoing a complete update. It’s part of one of the newest sets within the series, but it’s accessible and the uncommon rainbow print is stunning.

What’s the price like for a Pokemon Card from TCG which was just thought of just a year ago as of this point? It’s particularly difficult for collectors to sign into Pokemon TCG Online, look at Pikachu VMAX Rainbow in the midst of decks with competitive designs, and sincerely would like to have one IRL.

From personal experience, it’s true.

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8 Shiny Pikachu Holon Phantoms

The Shiny Pikachu Phantoms card could take the bank up to $10,000. It’s amazing that the sole reason for this is its rarity. “Well, isn’t that what it all boils down to?” No, and yes. Most of the time the most expensive Pokemon cards are an extremely rare addition to extremely rare due to being extremely scarce or due to design (one-time promotions) or by error (misprints).

Holon Phantoms is a late expansion of The Pokemon TCG’s EX time period, just happens to feature a glittery version of the Pikachu card. It just happens to be a favorite. It also happens to be ridiculously expensive.

7 Pretend Magikarp as a child and Gyarados

Did you happen to be in Hiroshima at the time of the grand opening ceremony of its regional Pokemon Centre? If so, congratulations! We’re sure you’ve gotten the only-in-a-lifetime promotion Pretend that you are Magikarp and Pretend Gyarados Pikachu cards. Have fun snatching them up in any other case, unless around $2,000 is in your wallet and you’re not worried about having to lose it all in one go.

For clarity to clarify, you’ll receive two cards to go with that ballpark estimation. Two gorgeous cards at the price of. Do we have to place an amount on the adorableness? It’s your choice to decide.

6 Pikachu 2005 San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con can be a fantastic venue. Shows that are a hit are announced, highly anticipated films are shown in trailers, and video games are revealed. This is not even mentioning the comics obviously. Perhaps — as it appears – it’s the Pikachu, 2005 San Diego Comic Concord.

The thing is that this particular card. To the extent that it is it’s almost indistinguishable from the Emerald-era standard card of the same brand and model. However, it was presented at an event that was a private one and comes with a minor modification to show that it’s. It turns out this is enough to cause collectors to be weak-kneed and spend as much as $30,000 at auctions in the past, and a less common $17,000 to be found in the basket.

5 1999 1st Edition Pikachu Red Cheeks

What’s the value of an additional $500 today? Most likely sweet even if you’re wealthy. If yes, you should find out if you own a premium 1st Edition Jungle Pikachu hanging around. If you’re not sure that it’s in top condition, however, you might be able to find 100 or more when it has apparent flaws.

There’s not much precise science in this particular game. It’s the First Edition Jungle Pikachu is the first popular Pikachu card to hit the market, which dates back to the initial expansion of the TCG. The First Edition Pikachu is the gatekeeper for all of them.

4. Pikachu on the ball

It was the Pikachu in the Ballcard Like Pretend Magikarp or Gyarados that came with a few very specific requirements. In addition, you needed to be a member of the FFA Pokemon Youth Football Programme that you could join if sending an email request to them. This is because of the process. the card will increase in cost starting from this point.

The current card listed on eBay UK is PS1,007.00 ($1327.23). It’s not even available on eBay’s American eBay, save for some posters for promotions.

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3. The First Pokemon Movie Misprint

The first Pokemon film, Mewtwo Strikes Back, offered players a variety of promo cards, including the First Movie Pikachu. This one is worth a decent amount of money up to the present however the real value is in the numerous mistakes that were made early in the process, where the company’s name was stamped upside down.

These kinds of cards are misprints or if we’re feeling mean it could be the card is not working. What occurred to the stamp’s position there are always mistakes. It’s fine. The only thing that’s not so fine is If you’re interested in this card, you’ll need to pay thousands of dollars.

2 No. 2 Trainer Promo Pikachu Cards

This is the point where the value is just exploding. There are three kinds of no. Trainer Promo Pikachu cards. If you own one, it will result in a cost of at least $200,000. The primary distinction is the facial expressions of their faces and their expressions, the no. two Training Promos represent the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s most coveted variant of the “legendary trio” archetype. It’s more likely to summon Exodia, the goddess of the universe in the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series than you will in catching all three.

1 Pikachu Illustrator

There were about 20 or forty Pikachu Illustrator cards ever printed. It’s unlikely to be able to determine the exact number as of now, however, there are hardcore collectors who estimate that there are only nine left. Imagine waking up to own one of these before your dog chewed on it in the past?

The sting is real. Pikachu Illustrator has earned millions of dollars in auctions. If someone casual Pokemon fan comes over and asks you the unavoidable question of what the First Edition Charizard costs today you can pretend that they were asking regarding Pikachu Illustrator. They’ll likely believe you.

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